‘Supernatural’ React: Back to the Good Old Days… Or Is It?


Last night’s Supernatural at first glance seemed to be a true return to form, a reminder of the happy, fun, and truly comedic aspects the show used to have back when Sam and Dean were truly Sam and Dean. The brothers were back together, hunting together, taking on the world together! We were back, finally!

Or were we? Honestly, after ruminating on “LARP and the Real Girl,” I’m even more worried about the future of the Winchesters. Sure, the episode was fun, and the brothers worked the same case after reaching their delicate, shaky truce at the end of last week’s episode, but there were a couple hints and subtle things I noticed that didn’t make me a happy camper. For one thing, no matter how hard Dean was trying to repair the brotherly bond with Sam (and oh, was he trying), they didn’t actually work the case together. After encountering some weird deaths in a group of Live Action Role-Players, they infiltrated the game of Moondor, running into old ally geeky lesbian hacker Charlie Bradbury.

A quick aside: how awesome is Felicia Day’s Charlie? Answer: the absolute best. Not only is she a fully actualized lesbian, but she is portrayed in a way that doesn’t objectify or in any way treat her sexuality as anything but normal. She is as flirtatious as Dean, even more so since apparently LARPers are crazy horny. Seriously, what is in that water in Moondor? End of aside.

So Charlie was actually the Queen of Moondor… because, of course she was. But who else noticed that while Dean went off with Charlie and Sam researched with that random girl who was trying to get with him hardcore (Anyone catch her name? No?), they both solved the case, coming to the same conclusion – someone was using fairy magic on their enemies – but on their own. Did the brothers both realize that they successfully hunted without needing the other? I hope they didn’t. That can’t mean good things for the future.

Another thing I was none too please about was Dean’s explanation of what went down recently between himself and Sam, when he was filling in Charlie. From the way he told his side of things, it’s clear he truly blames himself for dragging Sam away from his attempt at normalcy with Amelia. Even though Sam made the decision himself to walk away and hunt with both feet in, Dean thinks it’s his fault. Plus, he hasn’t made it clear to anyone, not even Charlie, that he severed ties with Benny. He’s keeping all that sadness and loss bottled up, and Sam doesn’t even know Dean isn’t talking with his vampire friend anymore. That also can’t mean good things for the future.

The clever thing about last night’s episode, though, was that all these worrisome aspects were hidden beneath a veneer of cheerful, fun, campiness via LARPing. Dean could hardly contain his boyish enthusiasm at the prospect of dressing up in medieval garb and strategizing with Charlie about where to best place the army for battle. He was having a ball. Especially when he and Sam finally got to wholeheartedly embrace the game at the end, and in full costumes and Braveheart face paint charged into battle – though not without first hearing Dean give the Braveheart speech, since it’s the only speech he knows.

The best quotes from “LARP and the Real Girl” came from an unlikely source: the random cop walking Sam and Dean through the night’s grisly murders. This guy should become a recurring guest star. Too bad they didn’t give him a name!

Sam: Anything missing from the body?

Cop: You mean aside from the arms and legs? Nope, all there, twig and berries too.

Cop: Neighbor downstairs said she got woke up in the middle of the night by the sound of horses stomping their feet and galloping. Didn’t find any hoof prints. She probably heard the TV, or was having a bad dream, or she was high as balls.

Cop: These kids today with their texting and murder.

Cop: God forbid he was contagious. I’m going to go dip myself in hand sanitizer.

Although I have to say, runner up with the best quotes was definitely (unsurprisingly) Charlie.

Charlie: I’m dropping my sword and walking off the stage, bitches. Have fun storming the castle.

Charlie: I’m just an IT girl, standing in front of a monster, asking it not to kill her.

Charlie: Call me, maybe?

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