Sweet Niblets! Disney Channel Is Playing All Of ‘Hannah Montana’ From Start To Finish In A Massive Marathon


Sweet niblets! Christmas is coming early this year for Miley Cyrus fans! Disney is giving us the best of both worlds — the joy of the holiday season and the joy of watching Hannah Montana in its entirety. 

Now is your chance to watch the entire Hanna Montana series from start to finish. From December 3rd through December 29th, Disney Channel we be having a massive Hannah Montana marathon and airing all 98 episodes.

Is it possible to count the ways we love Hannah Montana? There are so many important lessons we’ve learned like how changing your hair might as well be an invisibility cloak and the importance of a cropped statement jacket. Also the fact that you can reveal that you’re a pop star leading a double life to the entire city of Nashville, but they’re all so nice, they’ll keep your secret. Yeah, there’s definitely no TMZ payout in that one.

It’s time to go back to the days before Miley was a pothead (or at least publicly not a pothead) who likes to twerk on Robin Thicke and dye her underarm hair. We are so excited!

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