Take A First Look At Marlon Wayan’s Show ‘Marlon’


Marriage can be tough, but divorce can be worse.

It doesn’t have to be though, and that’s what Marlon Wayans is trying to show with his new show ‘Marlon’. Based on his real life, a recently divorced father Marlon (Marlon) wants to be with his kids Zachery (Amir O’Neil) and Marley (Notlim Taylor), but in order to do that, he has to live with his ex-wife Ashley (Essence Atkins). Her best friend Yvette (Bresha Webb) thinks this is a horrible idea and Marlon’s best friend Kevin (Diallo Riddle) is trying to help guide him. Marlon and Ashley want to prove that they are better parents than they are a couple, but when jealousy comes into play, can these two make it work?

In the above video, take a First Look at the show with behind the scenes, footage from the show, and cast interviews.


Marlon premieres tonight, August 16, 2017, at 9/8 c on NBC.