Take A First Look At New Comedy ‘Trial & Error’


NBC’s new show ‘Trial & Error’ looks like it might be one of the funniest shows out right now.

The show is a true crime mockumentary that follows Larry Henderson (John Lithgow) who has been accused of killing his wife. This is a high profile case that should only go to the best lawyers. It doesn’t. It goes to Josh Simon (Nicholas D’Agosto) and his team including Anne Flatch (Sherri Shepherd) and Dwayne (Steven Boyer). Larry is the worst client you could have, with things coming out in the news that works absolutely against him. Then you have the team that, besides Josh, won’t be of any help.

Perhaps the best part about the show, besides looking absolutely hilarious, is it’s still a “who done it” that not even all of the cast knows who the killer is. In the above First Look the stars of the show explain their absolutely insane characters and more about the plot of the series.


Trial & Error starts with a special two-episode premiere on March 14, 2017, at 10 PM ET on NBC.