Take A Tour Of The New ‘Big Brother’ House In Video


‘Big Brother’ is a reality show where contestants move into a house and are constantly being videoed with the last one out winning 500,000 thousand dollars. The show is coming into its 18th season and things are getting tempting for the new season.

Fans of the show know the house is as much of a character as the contestants are sometimes. In the above video, host Julie Chen takes us on a cribs style look at the new house and the very tempting things and the constant reminders of what people are playing for. Everything is money, and sometimes, more importantly, power. The “head of house” bedroom could have come right out of Trump Tower, and the backyard just looks amazing as always.


Be sure to check out the house on the new season of ‘Big Brother’, premiering Wednesday, June 28, 2017, at 8/7c on CBS.