Fans Worry About Teen Wolf’s Cutest Couple In “Lies of Omission”


After watching Teen Wolf‘s “Lies of Omission”, fans around the world are terrified for our favorite couple. The Dread Doctors aren’t here to just create freaky new creatures. They’re here to destroy bromance. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter before 8/24. We will be live-tweeting during “Status Asthmaticus”!

Missed last week’s “Ouroboros”? Catch up now with our Tweetcap!

The episode began with Scott saying he can’t go anywhere without his inhaler and fans hearts broke for him:

Stiles & Lydia teamed up to find where the bodies were disappearing to and fans wanted to point out how that was not a good idea:

Scott was narrating their story and said he was closing the vet clinic and fans were secretly hopeful:

But then we found out who he was with and we all rolled our eyes:

Things were extra bloody in the Doctor’s lair when Theo paid a visit and made the mistake of yelling at them about needing a pack:

Then he said he wanted them to keep Hayden alive (poor Cory) and fans wanted to know what he needed from her:

Meanwhile, Hayden and Liam were making out between buses and fans were jumping for joy:

But then the mood was ruined:

Fans were concerned that Liam and Hayden were going to runaway:

Lydia took Parrish into the woods and fans thought they were going to fight, but then they didn’t and people were not happy:

People were slightly confused by Parrish’s decision to send himself to jail:

The Sheriff got into the school library and then Theo decided to take the fall about Donovan. Fans were immediately confused that the Sheriff believed Theo:

But fans were like “that’s not what you told Scott earlier”:

After his workout went awry, Cory wound up oozing mercury and did not make it after arriving at the hospital, for obvious reason:

And fans felt bad for one of their new favorite characters:

When Theo tried to tell Scott that Stiles beat the crap out of Donovan for no reason, fans were like:

Fans felt so bad for Malia after Beth died:

People were panicking when Hayden was injected with more mercury:

But then fans lost their shit when Scott believed Theo over Stiles and confronted his BFF:

Then Scott made everyone even angrier with him for refusing to give Hayden the bite:

And after watching the preview for next week, fans were not sympathetic for Scott:

And that’s all until next #MoonMonday! Catch up on episodes 5.07 and 5.08 of Teen Wolf and see what you missed.

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