Fans Are Worried About Scott In Teen Wolf’s “Ouroboros”


Let’s just all agree, Teen Wolf has pretty much been insane for season 5. Insane in a totally good way. We never really know what’s going to happen and we think that’s what makes it interesting every week. After Mama McCall’s big discovery last week and the Theo/Stiles bonding, we literally sat on the edge of our seats all week, waiting for “Ouroboros”. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter before 8/24, when we live tweet during “Status Asthmaticus”!

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The episode began with our favorite vet explaining what the hell an Ouroboros is:

He was on a creepy mission and everyone was terrified for him:

And FINALLY fans got a good look at the Desert Wolf when she interrupted Deaton:

Mama McCall called the Sheriff for help (See: Dead Girl In Kitchen from last week’s episode) and he went and sold her out, so obviously fans were pissed as hell:

Kira was acting stranger than usual and everyone was concerned:

Everyone’s hearts broke a little more when Liam screamed “stop hurting her!”:

Deputy Parrish was live-tweeting during the episode and fans had very serious questions for him:

The theories on who framed Kira and why started to come up again:

But then her dad tried to save the day:

Scott (and all the fans) knew we didn’t have time for hanging around, so he got to business like a former alpha:

Meanwhile poor Liam was devastated he couldn’t take away Hayden’s pain:

Absolutely no one was happy to see what was going on with Liam and Hayden:

When Theo walked in during Scott and Corey’s moment, everyone thought the same exact thing:

The doctors continue to prove every episode just how scary they are:

There was a new guy hanging out (or locked up, we don’t know for sure) in the Dread Doctor’s lair and fans were torn between freaking out and being suspicious:

Fans laughed at the fact that Parrish got put in charge of “guarding” the dead body:

Theo and Lydia pieced together where Liam and Hayden would be based on what Corey remembered:

Kira finally starts to remember what went on with the Dread Doctors and fans got excited:

And because enough drama hadn’t happened yet, Parrish wanted to screw things up more:

Poor Scott had a panic attack and fans felt for him:

And they LOVED Mason for once again helping Scott:

Theo grabbed an electrical fence and everyone just laughed and made jokes:

But then Theo tried to “save the day” and we all just rolled our eyes:

Poor Scott had the worst night and all of the fans wanted to console him:

Lydia and Stiles finally used their big old brains and figured out who stole the bodies:

And the episode closed with the people it began with, making us all TERRIFIED for Malia in next week’s episode:

And that’s all until next #MoonMonday! Catch up on episodes 5.06 and 5.07 of Teen Wolf and see what you missed.

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