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Teri Hatcher to Be ‘Highest-Paid TV Actress’

Teri Hatcher is expected to become the highest-paid television actress after demanding a cut from numerous lucrative products linked to hit show Desperate Housewives.

Hatcher‘s earnings are set to rocket to at least $6 million after she won a deal to promote the spin-offs, including a computer game and an online fashion store.

A source tells British newspaper The Mail on Sunday, “She has been saying that, unlike the stars of Friends, who ended up making a million an episode, she is not getting enough money.

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“(Series producer) Disney is desperate to keep her happy so has come up with a deal that gives her a cut of profits from the video game, board game and a planned online clothing store.

“There are also plans for a cookbook, music DVD and a fragrance. This is going to be a huge, lucrative franchise and Teri has made sure she’s getting a cut of every deal.

“She will earn at least $6 million from spin-offs alone this year (06).”

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