Thank You, Ben Folds Five, For Reuniting and Resurrecting ‘Fraggle Rock’


Alright, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, we’re completely excited to see that Ben Folds Five has reunited after 13 years to release their new album The Sound of the Life of the Mind. That is exciting. It’s also cool that Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, the very talented and funny Anna Kendrick, and the incomparable Rob Corddry all lent their talents to the video for the album’s lead single, “Do It Anyway.” These are all awesome, awesome things. But none of them are nearly as gratifying or elating as the fact that the band chose to share its glorious moment with the entire cast of the ’80s hit TV show, Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock. Excuse me while I squee like a 14-year-old meeting the moppy-haired One Direction boys. 

You know what? I’m going to need another second. Why don’t you watch the video and pay special attention at the 5:06 mark, if you’re a fan of having your heart warmed to the point of overwhelming joy and giddiness. 

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