The 2nd Trailer for Disney +’s ‘The Mandalorian’ is so epic

Throughout the Star Wars saga, there was always one character that stood out by not saying much at all.

Boba Fett.

Even before he was on screen he was mysterious. The toy action figure was part of a mail-in promotion that took place even before he was introduced in Empire. His first on-screen appearance was in Empire when Darth Vader gathered bounty hunters to try to find the Millenium Falcon, and Vader specifically had to tell him not to kill them. His armor is what makes him special, he wears the armor of the Mandalorians, but not much was known about them. This series plans to change that.

It’s important to know where we are in the Star Wars universe, as in timing. We are somewhere after the fall of the empire but before the first order, so after Return of the Jedi but before The Force Awakens. The trailer starts up with a number of Storm Trooper helmets on spikes, and a mysterious voice, but then we get to see the first Bounty. During the trailer, we see glimpses of Clone Wars, which is way before the time that this is supposed to take place, but maybe there will flashbacks. There’s a lot to unpack with it

All I can say is thankfully this looks amazing. Disney is going all out with this one.


‘The Mandalorian’ streams November 12, 2019, on Disney +.