The Cast of ‘Felicity’: Where Are They Now?

Felicity taught us so much in the four short years it was on the air (from 1998 to 2002, can you believe it?). It gave us hope that we would blossom in college, it showed us the power of a good (or bad) haircut, and it portrayed one of the most compelling love triangles ever on TV. The Ben versus Noel debate will likely continue until the end of time. Here’s what the cast has been up to lately!

Keri Russell - Felicity Porter
Keri Russell, Felicity
The WB/Getty Images

Since Felicity ended – and her hair fully grew back – Keri has appeared in a bunch of movies, including the charming indie flick Waitress and last year’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. She’s also been playing Soviet spy Elizabeth Jennings on the FX drama The Americans since 2013 and is currently dating her co-star, Matthew Rhys.

Scott Speedman - Ben Covington
Scott Speedman, Felicity
The WB/Getty Images

We definitely don’t blame Felicity for following Ben across the country. Scott Speedman was so dreamy. Since the show, Scott has starred in movies like Underworld, The Strangers and The Vow, as well as the short-lived TV series Last Resort.

Scott Foley - Noel Crane
Scott Foley, Felicity
The WB/Getty Images

We always secretly wished Felicity would pick Noel. After the show ended, Scott has had steady TV work. He starred on the CBS show The Unit, and had recurring roles on Cougar Town, Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood. Now, he’s on Scandal as U.S. Navy intelligence officer Jake Ballard.

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Amy Jo Johnson - Julie Emrick
Amy Jo Johnson, Felicity
The WB/

When she took on the role on Felicity’s BFF Julie, Amy Jo made us forget all about her past as the Pink Power Ranger. When the show ended, she appeared on the series Flashpoint and had a recurring role on season 5 of Covert Affairs. A singer and guitarist, she also released her third album, Never Broken, in 2013.

Tangi Miller - Elena Tyler
Tangi Miller, Felicity

We still envy Elena’s study skills. Remember her study technique with the M&Ms? After Felicity, Tangi appeared in Madea’s Family Reunion in 2006, and has been producing and starring in small films in recent years. According to IMDb, the most recent one is called 72 Hours.

Greg Grunberg - Sean Blumberg
Greg Grunberg, Felicity
The WB/Getty Images

Thanks in part to his friendship with J.J. Abrams, Greg followed up his role as Sean Blumberg on Felicity with the role of Eric Weiss on Alias. After that, he played Matt Parkman on Heroes – a role he is set to reprise on Heroes Reborn, a mini-series premiering this fall. He’s also guest-starred on Showtime’s Masters of Sex.

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Amanda Foreman - Meghan Rotundi
Amanda Foreman, Felicity

She played Felicity’s goth roommate, Meghan, to perfection. Since shedding the goth makeup, Amanda appeared on J.J. Abrams’ other show, Alias, and in his Star Trek movies. She also had a recurring role on NBC’s Parenthood, and most recently appeared on several episodes of MTV’s Awkward.

Ian Gomez - Javier Clemente Quintata
Ian Gomez, Felicity
The WB/Getty Images

He played Javier, Felicity’s lovable manager at Dean and Deluca. Now, he stars on Cougar Town and is set to appear in the upcoming My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, alongside his wife, Nia Vardalos.

Amy Smart - Ruby
Amy Smart, Felicity
The WB/Getty Images

She played Ruby, an aspiring actress who briefly dated Noel. Amy’s kept busy since then, starring in movies like Just Friends and The Butterfly Effect, and shows like Shameless and Justified. She was just cast in the indie drama, Sister Cities, co-starring Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario.

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Simon Rex - Eli
Simon Rex, Felicity
The WB/Getty Images

How mad were you when Felicity cheated on Noel with Eli? We were mad too, but at the same time, Eli was kinda hot. Since messing up Felicity’s love life, Simon has starred on the WB show What I Like About You and in Scary Movie 3, 4, and 5. He also makes rap music and has a popular Vine account.


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