The Cast of ‘Laguna Beach’: Where Are They Now?

Let’s go back, back to the beginning. We kind of need to listen to “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff in order to even discuss anything Laguna Beach. If you watched MTV in 2004, Laguna was the show to watch. Everyone wore Hollister and they all lived by the beach. It was impossible to not wish you were on Laguna Beach, or at least that you lived there. The beach bonfires looked like the world’s coolest hangout. And every girl in high school secretly hoped for a Laguna Beach promposal after watching that one episode. This show we so good, it spawned one of the best shows MTV has ever produced – The Hills. Thank you MTV for giving us Lauren Conrad and all the hilarious Heidi/Spencer drama that ensued, we owe you big time.

Stephen Colletti
Stephen Colletti, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
MTV/Splash News
Look at that little beach-boy baby face! Every Laguna Beach fan clearly remembers Stephen and his drama with Lauren and Kristin. 11 years after the first season, we think Stephen aged really well. Gone is the skinny boy from Laguna, we've now got a guy cool enough to be a (brief) love interest for Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill. Stephen really tested his acting chops, appearing on OTH for over 5 years as Chase Adams, Tric's bartender-turned-bar manager. After OTH ended, he briefly appeared on the show Hit The Floor between 2013-2015. He currently has three projects slated for a 2015 release: Summer Forever with Alyson Stoner (A.K.A. the Missy Elliot video girl), The Suicide Note, and TV movie Social Dating.
Alex Murrel
Alex Murrel, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
Alex Murrel is now Alex Johnson! Like a few of her fellow Laguna castmates, Alex tied the knot. She married Kyle Mark Johnson in October 2014 and her former MTV reality bestie Taylor Cole was in attendance. Alex has done some very brief acting over the years, appearing in The Guardians, Action 5 News, and her last acting credit is from the 2012 film Love Written In Blood. Acting career aside, it seems Alex M. has settled down with a more steady career and works for MOX Agency, a full-service boutique media and marketing agency.
Talan Torriero
Talan Torriero, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
Get ready for this - Laguna's ultimate player is officially off the market! Gone are his days of interchanging girlfriends and here are the days of committed marriage. In June 2014 Talan married his long-time girlfriend, Danielle. Over the years he has dabbled a bit in acting and producing, appearing in Action News 5 with Alex M. and producing Fat Kids Rule The World. He is now the Creative Director for TMG Digital, a marketing company based in L.A. that "isn't just marketing, it's storytelling".
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Jason Wahler
Jason Wahler, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
MTV/Splash News
You only need to watch one episode of Laguna to know that Jason was the "bad boy". He was more than just that, he was a dick to Alex M. and LC. Thankfully, he's changed his ways and is apparently good friends still with Alex.  They actually got married at the same California venue, but Jason did it first. Things with Lauren obviously were okay enough for him to appear on a decent number of episodes of The Hills. For years he struggled with addiction and substance abuse and because of this, he would up on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Since then he's gotten clean and gotten his act together. He did an E! True Hollywood Story in 2014, documenting his life before and after Laguna, and now he uses his former reality star fame to help discuss recovery for current addicts.
Lo Bosworth
Lo Bosworth, Laguna Beach
On both Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lo was never the one directly at the center of attention, but she's always been around. After being Lauren's bestie, then not being her bestie (thanks Jen Bunney) Lo and LC are BFFs once again - Lo was one of Lauren's nine bridesmaids in her 2014 wedding! Nowadays, Lo runs her own website TheLoDown - a fashion blog that features a podcast, as well as recipes and other crafty things. In 2011 she published a book by the same name. She is also the Health and Wellness Editor-at-Large for
Trey Phillips
Trey Phillips, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
Out of all the Laguna boys, we think Trey has aged the best. After his days at the beach, he moved to the east coast to study at Parsons in NYC. Last we heard it paid off and he's been working for Vera Wang (major score). He's still good buddies with Dieter Schmitz, the two seem to hang out on the regular.
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Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
While we don't know if Jessica and Kristin as still BFFs 10 years later, we do know that unlike most of her costars, Jessica dropped out of Hollywood shortly after her second season on Laguna Beach. These days she's a stay-at-home mom for 3 little ones, currently living in California (for now, as her Twitter states) and she loves to share pictures of her babies.
Dieter Schmitz
Dieter Schmitz, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
Dieter is engaged! Are you starting to sense a theme in this Laguna gallery? Like most his former California companions, Dieter is headed for the altar with his fiance Isabell Hiebl. He didn't attempt  a glitzy career in Hollywood, but Dieter has done well for himself. He worked at the Lakehouse Hotel and Resort in San Diego, CA for a while before relocating to NYC. According to LinkedIn, he is now the general manager at EVEN Hotel in Times Square. From what we can see on Instagram, he seems to still be good friends with Stephen and LC.
Kyndra Mayo
Kyndra Mayo, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
After her days as the queen of season 3, Kyndra and her castmate Cami Edwards started an boutique  jewelry line called Like Beau. The line has lived and died since then, but Kyndra is doing alright for herself. She is currently still living in Laguna Beach and is apparently a photographer. She is rumored to be in a long-term relationship with a Laguna Beach resident, Nicholas Lopez, though we can't confirm as she's eerily quiet on Twitter these days.
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Casey Reinhardt
Casey Reinhardt, Laguna Beach
Right after her time on Laguna, Casey capitalized on her fame and created her own lip gloss brand "Kiss By Casey". While we're not sure if her lip gloss company ever raked in the money, we do know she struck gold in the cupcake business. For the past several years she's had a boutique shop, Casey's Cupcakes, in Riverside, CA. She actually won the Walk of Fame on Food Network's Cupcake Wars in 2011 and she now calls herself the Cupcake Queen. She recently became engaged to Sean Micheal Brown and she has the most INSANE engagement ring ever.
Cameron Brinkman
Cameron Brinkman, Laguna Beach
This season 3 Laguna hottie is still a MAJOR hottie - even better than before! He's still active in Hollywood, no longer on the reality path and trying for some serious acting. This year he'll appear in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 as a District 5 rebel. We wonder if he got to cosy up next to J.Law at all? She sure seems his type! He also has some recent, small guest roles on popular shows like Shameless and Silicon Valley.
Taylor Cole
Taylor Cole, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
Alex M. and Taylor are also still besties! It's always interesting for us reality TV lovers to see people friends years after a show ends. Taylor seems to be next on the lineup to get married, as she recently celebrated her bachelorette party. And no, she's not marrying Talan! She's currently a photographer and hasn't done any acting/reality TV since her days on Laguna.
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Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
MTV/Splash News
Over 10 years later and Kristin still has hard feelings about Laguna Beach. But even though she had ill will towards that MTV reality show, Kristin had no problem replacing her "frenemy" Lauren Conrad on The Hills in 2009 when LC decided to leave. Kristin hasn't acted much aside from her reality work, though she did attempt to pursue a career in the field, appearing in CSI: NY, The Middle, Wild Cherry, and a few other small roles. Nowadays Kristin is married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and the couple have two children together and are currently expecting their third child, a baby girl! Kristin spends her time as a jewelry and shoe designer and will be publishing her own book, Balancing In Heels, in 2016.
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad, Laguna Beach, Where Are They Now
It's fair to say that LC is the most successful member of the Laguna crew. She immediately got her own show, The Hills, which followed her life as she got her feet wet in designing clothes and dealing with shitty friends (we're looking at you Heidi and Spencer). Since then she's published several books: L.A. Candy, The Fame Game, Sweet Little Lies, and Starstruck - all detailing what life is like behind the camera in a reality series. She has multiple different successful business endeavors now. Her (amazing, adorable, and affordable) LC Lauren Conrad clothing line is sold at Kohls. She also is the designer of Paper Crown, a bridal online boutique. And is the co-founder of. Is this girl busy or what?! Oh, and like half of the cast on this list, LC got married to William Tell in 2014 and it was the most magical celebrity wedding we've seen pictures of.

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