‘The Good Wife’ Series Finale Red Carpet Interview

‘The Good Wife’ started back in 2009 and during this years Super Bowl, CBS announced that the upcoming season 9 would be it’s last.

Show creators Robert and Michelle King had announced previously that they were going to leave the show after season 9 and now the series will leave with them. It’s always sad when good shows come to an end, but fans should always choose a series finale over a cancelation. A finale gives the show a chance to fully wrap up a show before they’ve warn out their welcome. Hopefully this series finale will give fans some much needed answers to questions and not go out with a cliffhanger to leave them guessing.

As bitter sweet as the ending is for fans, the actors and actress leave their co-workers that they’ve worked with. Hear from the stars of the show including Julianna MarguliesMatt CzuchryChristine BaranskiCush JumboNathan Lane and more from the series finale party at MOMA in New York City:


The Good Wife Series Finale appropriately titled “End” airs May 8, 2016, at 9:00 P.M. ET on CBS.