The 10 Most Swoon Worthy Bad Boys Of The CW

There’s something about a bad boy that gets your heart racing, causes you to break into a nervous sweat and have permanent butterflies in your stomach. Over the course of your life you may have bad boys come in and out of your life whom you may never see or hear from again after they’ve put your heart through the wringer. Thankfully The CW has given us more than a few swoon worthy bad boys who will never disappear.

Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl
The CW
Chuck Bass' arrogance, insecurity, and all-around dismissive attitude, along with being  handsome, well groomed, rich, and emotionally tortured is the perfect recipe to make us all weak in the knees.
The CW / WB
Ugh...there's nothing hotter than a bad boy with a sensitive heart who goes after what he wants. Jess' confidence and devotion to Rory Gilmore was everything. He may have been trouble, but it was impossible not to crush on this cutie.
The CW
What could be more attractive than a devilish bad boy who also happens to be a vampire? Um absolutely nothing.
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Michael - Nikita
The CW
Michael is badass, fearless and the kind of guy who would never be able to fully give you 100%. There's something to be said about the sexiness of a romantic challenge.
The CW
Southern bad boys like Wade, keep us on our toes and constantly coming back for more thanks to that sweet drawl and bold personality.
Nathan Scott - One Tree Hill
The CW / WB
We all know Nathan went from being a bad boy, to a devoted husband and father. However, when we first met the One Tree Hill hottie, he was an intimidating basketball star who had everyone in awe with his cocky attitude and sweet skills on the court.
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Liam Court -90210
The CW
Why is the bad boy babe from the wrong side of town always so hot?! The mystique and thrill of crossing paths with a guy like Liam is the stuff rebellious daydreams are made of.
Dan Patch - Hellcats
The CW
Dan may have been BFFs with the show's central female character, but when it came to dating, he was unpredictable, flakey, and could never fully commit to an adult relationship. No wonder every girl he was interested in got a warning before becoming more than friends.
Sebastian Kydd - The Carrie Diaries
The CW
Before there was Mr. Big, in Carrie Bradshaw's life, there was Sebastian Kydd. Carrie's high school flame burned bright to start, thanks to their insane chemistry and his swoon worthy good looks. Too bad the electricity was cut short by his inability to give Carrie what she needed in a relationship, but what can you expect from such a dreamy bad boy?
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Eric Daniel - Life Unexpected
The CW
Eric was a bad boy in disguise. He may come across as a clean cut, cool teacher, but he had a penchant for developing feelings for the wrong girls, namely Lux his student. Being the bad boy that he is, crushing on his student didn't stop him from establishing a bond with her that he tried to defend.