The Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Fuller House’ Is Here & It’s Full Of Surprises– VIDEO


Typically, Netflix isn’t super forthcoming about their Netflix Originals. We normally have to wait around like peasants until a show premieres, grasping at hints online and rewatching trailers over and over for any indication of what we may see when a show finally drops on the streaming service. However, it looks like Netflix has changed its formula when it comes to the Full House reboot, Fuller House. The first season of the nostalgic comedy dropped in February, and though it didn’t exactly garner rave reviews, apparently, people still lived for it. As a result, Netflix just announced that Fuller House fans won’t have to wait until February to get more of the Tanners. The second season is set to drop Friday, December 9th, just before the holidays, and we even got a sneak peak at what we will see.

So what will the Tanners be up to when we see them next? We’ll be introduced to Kimmy Gibbler’s brother, Jimmy Gibbler who will apparently be locking lips with Stephanie, YIKES! It looks like still trying to figure out her love life and Danny is having a major crisis about turning 60! Also, we’ll be introduced to Joey’s wife, Ginger Gladstone. (Who knew?!!)

Most importantly there will be a ton of guest stars including real-life ’90s icons New Kids on the Block…yes you read that right, New Kids on the Block is headed to Fuller House in the year 2016!

Will you be watching season two of Fuller House when it drops December 9th? Let us know in the comments below.