Do You Understand ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Finale Yet?

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Now that you’ve had time to process The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale — epic and totally bananas, as expected — let’s talk about that crazy, out-of-left-field twist from the end. And no, I’m not talking about who finally took the cure — I’m talking about STEFAN.

Silas hadn’t shown his true face to anyone, but in the final minutes of the episode he decided to reveal it to Stefan. Turns out we have seen it before — it’s STEFAN’S. Silas , 2000-year-old powerful witch that he is, had created the concept of doppelgangers long before Elena Gilbert showed up looking like Katerina Petrova.

After Silas created the immortality spell, nature needed to balance it out by something that could die. Since at this point Silas had taken Katherine’s form, Stefan thought he was talking about the Petrova doppelgangers, but then Silas finally showed his face, saying, “Hello, shadow self.”

Then he locked Stefan in a safe and tossed him in the water. If no one knows Stefan is Silas’ shadow self, how will they know they need to rescue him?!

Of course, this being TVD, that’s not the only crazy thing that happened. Bonnie made peace with all her friends and family before lifting the veil, and good news: she was able to complete the spell she died doing and bring Jeremy back to life. You guys, Jer is back! For real! And for good! (At least for now.)

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Delena fans finally got their moment as Elena, fully free from the sire bond, confessed her love to Damon. It was a truly sweet moment — which Stefan overheard, and didn’t exactly give his blessing but told his brother that he wasn’t unhappy about the revelation. That’s about as much as you can expect when they’re both in love with the same girl. They both (separately) gave Elena the cure and told her it was ultimately her decision whether to stay a vampire.

She finally made the decision later on when she and Katherine got into a fight. Not only had Katherine not gotten the full immortality she was promised, she was pretty ticked off that Elena, her doppelganger, essentially got her ideal life: the love of both Salvatore brothers. Unfortunately, Elena was more of a badass than Katherine anticipated and in the middle of their fight, she shoved the cure into Katherine’s mouth. Katherine wanted to be fully immortal, but she became human instead. Oops!

Caroline had a truly lovely final (?) moment with Klaus as he came back to town to give her the best graduation gift ever: He’d called off his hunt for Tyler. He can come back to Mystic Falls because although Tyler was her first love, Klaus was going to be her last. It was hot, and Caroline is totally going to be the first crossover character to head to New Orleans and The Originals.

As revelatory as the finale was, there are plenty of burning questions about the episode. At the very least, I’m still pretty puzzled about the entire concept of a “shadow self” and the implications for the entire Salvatore bloodline. Just…how?

Also: How could Bonnie lift the veil when she was already dead? If Klaus is over the whole “revenge vendetta against Tyler” thing, does that mean Michael Trevino can come back to Mystic Falls next season? If Katherine is human now, is she able to willingly turn into a vampire again? Is Stefan, who is now underwater, the only person who knew Bonnie had died? How will the town of Mystic Falls explain Jeremy’s return? Was that the last time we’ll see our beloved ghosts?

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