‘The Walking Dead’ Loses Half A Million Viewers This Week: Is The AMC Series In Trouble?

the walking dead - negan

It may be the beginning of the end for AMC’s The Walking DeadSince the premiere of the seventh season, viewership has significantly dropped.

The show’s viewership has been steadily declining since season three. It looked like things were off to an amazing start for season seven when the show pulled in a record 17 million viewers. Unfortunately, after the premiere they saw a massive 25% drop down to 12.46 million viewers. The show’s viewership continued to decline, and currently, reports claim that show has dropped another half million viewers down to 10.4 million. Should we be worried?

10 million viewers is an insane amount of viewers. It’s definitely enough to keep a show going, but if the trend of losing viewers continues, nothing is going to be able to save the show. It’s likely that the series will survive another few seasons even with an additional drop in ratings, but the rate that The Walking Dead is losing viewers is what’s alarming. If they continue to lose half a million people per week, the show will have the worst ratings since the second season by the mid-season finale on December 11.

It’s possible that this season is just an anomaly. Fans may have chalked it up to a bad story line and uninteresting plot like season two. In season eight, the show could bounce back better than ever. There’s no reason to hit the panic button yet because it’s too early to tell, but don’t be shocked if The Walking Dead gets the ax (or rather the barbed wire-covered bat). 

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