7 Things ‘Girls’ Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

There are many critics of Girls. Most of whom have not even seen much of the show, if they’ve seen any at all. This leads to fans having to deal with nonsense, and we’re sick of it! Here are 7 things fans are tired of hearing from haters.

1. “That show is nothing like Sex and The City.”

Girls HBO animated GIF Giphy/HBO

You’re right, that’s why it’s called Girls. 

2. “I can’t watch that show. Everyone on it is just immature.”

girls animated GIF Giphy/HBO

Well it’s TV and the characters are in their 20s. Remember how mature you were then?

3. “I don’t want to see Lena Duhnam naked all the time.”

hbo animated GIF Giphy/HBO

She isn’t, but if a naked woman bothers you so much good luck getting through life.

4. “It’s not realistic at all.”

hbo animated GIF Giphy/HBO

You must be a fun person to watch TV and movies with!

5. “Adam Driver isn’t cute at all.”

hbo animated GIF Giphy/HBO

You’re right. He isn’t cute. He’s hot!

6. “I can’t stand Marnie.”

hbo animated GIF Giphy/HBO

True, but without her we wouldn’t get these precious moments.

7. “Lena Duhnam is not the voice of my generation.”

hbo animated GIF Giphy/HBO

Duh, her character is comically so full of it that when she says that, we know it’s a joke.

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