12 Things ‘Friends’ Gets Right About Friendships

When you become friends with someone, you are often accepting the good and the bad things about that person. You also have to be with them through the ups and downs in life. Friends gets this and these are the 12 things that show got right about friendships.

1. There are some friends you love, but you two bump heads often.

Tumblr/Warner Bros. Television

2. Some of your friends stuck with you through your ugly phase and you love them for it.

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3. Only with your closest buds can you do the weird stuff that cheers you up.

astrology-zone: Gemini, Scorpio & Scorpio - FriendshipTumblr/Warner Bros. Television

4. Sometimes you have to deal with their annoying happiness of being in love while you’re single.

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5. Strange things happen when you fall asleep around your friends.

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6. There’s usually that one broke friend you have to support emotionally or financially.

justlookinformylobster: How I feel sometimes being a college student.Tumblr/Warner Bros. Television

7. You always worry about each other.

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8. Sometimes boundaries are nonexistent.

gifs-from-the-seaside-ca: Me in any math classTumblr/Warner Bros. Television

9. You have to deal with their bad dating decisions.

friends animated GIF Giphy/Warner Bros. Television

10. After a few years you start having your own secret language.

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11. Sometimes a friend can become your soulmate.

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12. Or your family!

oncecalledsixofone: friendship goalsTumblr/Warner Bros. Television

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