10 Things That Happen In Every Episode Of ‘Scandal’

Scandal is so good because of its actors, story lines, and formula. Oh, you never noticed the formula? If you pay close attention, there are 10 things that happen in every episode in order to pump up the drama. 

1. Rowan Pope gives a killer monologue…maybe two.


2. “Vermont with Fitz” gets mentioned in some way.


3. But in the next breath “standing in the sun” with Jake is mentioned.


OMG the nose rub is sooo cute! *squeals*ABC/Tumblr

4. When Olivia and Fitz have a moment their signature music cue goes off.


5. Huck either tortures someone or talks about his addiction to torturing people.


6. Before Abby would usually come in and start an argument each episode. But lately she just comes in and asks questions to figure out what the heck is going on!


7. Quinn angrily reminds everyone that they’re Gladiators and to stay on course because she replaced Harrison.


8. Mellie gets the short end of the stick in some way. Maybe a kid dies, maybe she gets cheated on once again, maybe someone reminds her that her position doesn’t matter.


9. Someone yells at Fitz. Maybe it’s Olivia, Jake, Cyrus, or Mellie, but be sure someone is going to school him on some mistake he’s making.


We take it Mr. Pope is none too thrilled about his daughter’s choice in bedfellows.ABC/Tumblr

10. Cryus has some sort of conniption.

scandal meme: five characters (2/5)
↳ cyrus beene

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