21 Things That Will Make You Feel REALLY Old

2016 is almost here, but if you’re like us, you still think the ’90s were only like 5 years ago, not almost 20 at this point. 2030 is closer to us than 1999 now. How crazy old does that make you feel?!

1. Will Smith is older than Uncle Phil now.

GIPHY/Warner Bros.

Will is 47-years-old. When The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air began in 1990, James Avery was 45-years-old.

2. *NSYNC turned 20 this year.


3. But they’ve been broken up for 13 years.


*NSYNC broke all of our hearts and disbanded in 2002. They’ve been apart 5 years longer than they were a band.

4. Tommy Pickles would be 25 now.


The first episode of Rugrats aired in 1991, where they celebrated Tommy’s first birthday.

5. If Lisa Simpson actually aged, she would be 34-years-old. 


She was 8 in the first episode of the show back in 1989.

6. This is what the original cast of All That looks like now.

All That, Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, Josh Server

Lisa Beth Denberg is 39-years-old. Kenan & Kel have been Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell separately for almost 15 years now.

7. The Nickelodeon building hasn’t looked like this in over 10 years.


8. Legends of the Hidden Temple ended 20 years ago.


Reruns ran for years, but this show was only on for 3 years and ran for 120 episodes.

9. This is what Josh Peck looks like now:

Josh Peck, Drake and Josh

We met Josh back in 1999 on The Amanda Show, as one of many characters on the sketch-comedy series. Now he’s a hottie that can pass as John Stamos‘s son on Grandfathered.

10. Full House ended 20 years ago.


When the show ended DJ was 18, Michelle was about 8, and Stephanie was about 14, which means they’d be 38, 28, and 34 now.

11. It’s been 14 years since Britney danced with a snake at the VMAS.


12. And it’s been 16 years since she performed with *NSYNC at the VMAS.

1999 was such a good year.

13. Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake all graduated from the Mickey Mouse Club 20 years ago.


13. Friends premiered 21 years ago, and ended 11 years ago!


14. And Cole Sprose, the actor who played Ross’ son, just graduated from college!

15. Sean and Cory are now older than Mr. Turner was when he started teaching them on Boy Meets World.


Cory and Shawn are on Girl Meets World now and are both 35-years-old. Anthony Tyler Quinn was 32-years-old when he began his BMW run as Mr. Turner.

16. High School Musical is almost 10 years old!


The final film High School Musical 3: Senior Year premiered 7 years ago.

17. If the The Wonder Years aired today, it would take place in 1995.


Though the show premiered in 1988, it was set 20 years before in 1968.

18. Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered 18 years ago.


19. The Spice Girls “Wannabe” debuted 19 years ago.

This is back when MTV actually played music videos when they premiered, instead of reality shows.

20. Rival teen dramas One Tree Hill and The O.C. turned 12 this year.



The youngest cast member on The O.C., Mischa Barton turned 29 this year, while Benjamin McKenzie the oldest, turned 36.

21. Oh and just in case you wanted to know how long it’s been since some of your other favorite shows premiered, here you go.