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15 Things TV Has Taught Us About Fashion

Everyone is opinionated about fashion, especially on TV. Whether it’s Carrie Bradshaw, the queen of style, or Schmidt, the resident jester, they all have something to say about clothes and personal style. 

1. You can’t interchange these:

2. More is more.

3. It’s okay to splurge.

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4. There’s a new after Labor Day rule to abide by.

5. Always dress to impress.

6. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new coat.

7. It’s not always safe to assume anything distressed looking is from Urban.

8. This always happens.


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10. And there is only one way to fix it.

11. Red insoles are the next big thing.

12. You’re going to try on a million different outfits before finding the right one.

13. That if the fashion’s not good, than this is acceptable to say this:

14. Sometimes it’s hard to define the look you’re going for.

15. But mainly, we learned that it’s just plain awesome.

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