12 Things We Want to See Happen on ‘Girls’ This Season

You can stop re-reading Lena Dunham‘s book and obsessing over her Instagram posts with Taylor Swift now. Girls is back! The show’s fourth season premieres today (January 11) on HBO. While we love watching Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna generally make a mess out of their lives, there are certain things we want to see happen this season. And because we sometimes take our cues from the always-unsatisfied Hannah, we’re going to whine about it. 

1. Hannah to stop dreaming about her writing career and, you know, actually WRITE.


It made us so mad when she dissed a perfectly respectable job at GQ last season. She was good at the job and they had free snacks. Hello?

2. Adam gets more screen time.


Mainly because Girls needs to make the most Adam Driver before he leaves the show to become a huge star. He has a role in the new Stars Wars  movie, so it could happen.

3. Shoshanna and Ray to realize they belong together.


They weirdly made sense as a couple.

4. Jessa to fall in love.


‘Cause wouldn’t it be fun to see her feel actual emotions?

5. Marnie to be less annoying.


That includes maybe giving up her singing aspirations. Because while Allison Williams is good, Marnie is not. 

6. More scenes where all the girls are together.


The show’s title is plural after all. We want more scenes that show why these four gals are actually friends.

7. Meeting Shoshanna’s parents.


We know this is actually coming true (Ana Gasteyer and Anthony Edwards have been cast), and we cannot wait! We’ve met all the other girls’ parents by this point, and we have a feeling Shosh’s parents are going to be the best ones yet.

8. More Andrew Rannells.


Because everything needs more Andrew Rannells.

9. More scenes between Shoshanna and Adam.


Their characters are so wildly different that it makes every scene between them hilarious.

10. A cameo by Taylor Swift or Jack Antonoff.


Lena’s bestie and her boyfriend. We’d love to see how Lena would work them into the show – even if it was just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance.

11. A crossover with the Broad City ladies.


Don’t you think Hannah could be besties with Abbi and Ilana? Think of all the shenanigans they could get into together. Hey, a girl can dream.

12. More poor life decisions.


Because no matter how much they make us want to scream at the TV sometimes, we realize that if Hannah and Co. had their sh*t together, there would be no reason to watch!

What do YOU want to see happen this season on Girls? Tell us on Twitter!