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12 Things We Want To See On The ‘Full House’ Reboot

Full House is now coming back with a reboot on Netflix. The minute we heard the news, we knew exactly what we wanted to see. After years of reruns, we have the perfect idea for what Fuller House needs to bring back. Sure it won’t ever be exactly the same, but here’s to hoping.

1. We need more of scenes of Stephanie dancing.


2. More arguments between D.J. and Stephanie that get them in trouble.

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3. Michelle comes back and continues to give everyone the business.


4. Uncle Jesse pretty much doing anything. Have mercyyyyyyy!


5. We also need more outrageous outfits from Kimmy.

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6. Steve Hale needs to come back and reunite with D.J.


7. Danny still trying to find love.


8. We want more comedy routines from Joey.

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9. Nick and Alex all grown up, but still as adorable!


10. Joey playing pranks on Jesse.


11. A new house pet, R.I.P. Comet.


12. A new little kid who is a good actor. Let’s face it, that was their secret weapon the first time around.

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What would you like to see on Fuller House? Tweet us your answers to the Twitter handles below!

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