6 Reasons We’re Excited For Season 6 Of ‘New Girl’

New Girl is about to come back, and our main characters are in very interesting places in their relationships. Cece and Schmidt have finally tied the knot. Nick is in a fairly new relationship with Reagan, and Winston is pretty much with Aly. So what exactly should you be looking forward to? Here are six things we’re super excited about this season.

1. We’re going to get more Reagan.

Photo: Tumblr/FOX

If you liked the addition of Megan Fox to New Girl last season, then you should be happy that she will be back. The actress will return mid-season, so Nick and Reagan will be apart for quite some time.

2. Jess will have to come to terms with her feelings for Nick.

Photo: Tumblr/FOX

At the end of season five, Jess has pretty much figured out that she still has feelings for Nick. Will she try to move on from him anyways? Will she try to win back his affections? Anything can happen!

3. There might be a reunion of Nick & Jess.

Photo: Tumblr/FOX

We know Nick is going to be with Reagan, but show creator Liz Meriwether told The Hollywood Reporter that they are trying to figure out how to get the two back together. “Jess is out of the relationship with Sam [David Walton] and sort of pining for Nick, while he’s starting his relationship with Reagan. Hopefully that takes us to some new story arcs next season. I love the two of them together, and I think this season we did a good job of using the guest stars to be catalysts to the Nick-Jess relationship.”

4. We’ll get to see what Nick’s stay in Seattle with Reagan was like.

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He followed her out because of her new job, but the start of this season will be about him coming back to loft. Did he love it and will make plans to return one day? Did he hate it and it’s tearing them apart? We will soon find out!

5. Winston and Aly are going to try and make their long-distance relationship work.

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Aly goes for FBI training in Virginia so they have to get creative to keep the love alive. Thankfully we will get to see her in episode three.

6. Cece and Schmidt will find their new home together.

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The first episode is called “House Hunting” and will hopefully ended with the married couple’s new place. Will it be as awesome as the loft? We know how picky Schmidt is so this will be an interesting new adventure. The new house will also probably be the setting for a lot of future scenes.