25 ‘True Blood’ Facts You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

There has always been a fascination with supernatural beings, vampires especially are quite intriguing. There is something sexy and tantalizing about the undead, especially when the undead looks like Alexander Skarsgård. When HBO debuted True Blood in 2008, it sent the world into a tizzy of lust, longing, and fear. For seven seasons we followed Sookie Stackhouse as she and the rest of the residents of Bon Temps found themselves living among some of the oldest creatures around. Here are 25 things you probably didn’t know about True Blood. Go ahead and satisfy your thirst, for knowledge. We promise not to bite.

1. The Vampire Diaries’ Damon Salvatore really wanted to be Jason Stackhouse.


Ian Somerhalder (who is actually from Louisiana) went out for the role of Jason Stackhouse, but he lost out to Australian hunk Ryan Kwanten. Luckily Somerhalder quickly snagged a role on the super popular CW series, The Vampire Diaries. Still, it’s sad to think about just how much of Somerhalder’s yummy manliness we missed out on because he wasn’t on the HBO show. We all know how Mr. Stackhouse got down.

2. Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion or whatever he goes by these days) has a crush on Sookie Stackhouse, and he even made a video about it.

“We’ll do it in the daytime, Bill won’t know a thing.” (By the way, you’re welcome.)

3. Alexander Skarsgård originally auditioned for the role of Bill Compton.

Obviously Eric was a MUCH better choice.

4. Oh and Alexander’s dad is Stellan Skarsgård!


Yes THAT Stellan Skarsgård! You probably recognize him from The Pirates of the Caribbean and Marvel’s The Avengers.

5. The series has a porn parody.

Seriously though, how could it not? It was pretty much already porn to begin with.

6. Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Bill’s protegee Jessica, is actually a natural blonde.


She’s been dyeing her hair red since she was 14.

7. Charlaine Harris, who wrote the The Sookie Stackhouse Novels of which True Blood is based, made a cameo appearance in the season two finale.

Author cameos are literally the greatest.

8. Lauren Bowles, who plays Holly Cleary in the series, is Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ sister.


They’ve even shared the screen together in Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

9. True Blood vamps are better than other bloodsuckers.

They can see their shadows and appear in photographs. (Also, they’re ridiculously sexy.)

10. Ryan Kwanten thought the sex scene between his character Jason Stackhouse and Alexander Skarsgård’s character Eric was fantastic.


So did we Ryan!! So did we.


11. The True Blood Drink tastes like Orange Pop.

You can still even buy it online, though since the show has ended it’s ridiculously over-priced. (And yes, it’s pop NOT soda.)

12. Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette, got into character by listening to Rhianna.




13. True Blood has a super delicious cookbook that you can buy here.

Some of its best dishes are Sookie Stackhouse’s Fried Apple Pies and Summer Tallulah Huckaby’s Betrothal Biscuits (personally recommended by show creator Alan Ball). There are also a ton of drinks from Fangtasia.

14. True Blood…..for kids?

Ok, not quite. However, Stephen Moyer who played Bill Compton on True Blood voices vampire, Jared on the Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb.

15. The prop blood used on the show was carb free.


Thankfully!!! Who has all of those calories to spare?

16. Stephen Moyer was a tad anal about his fangs.

While working, Moyer kept one set of fangs with him at all times, in addition to having three spares on set. His assistant was also required to wash them with mouthwash every evening. Moyer even got every single set of his fangs insured.

17. Rutina Wesley was actually True Blood’s second Tara.


Actress Brooke Kerr snagged the role first, but was then replaced by Wesley after the pilot episode had been shot.

18. The meat statue was real, and really really stinky.

The meat statue in the second season cost $500 to make. It was made of steel, meat, live bugs and snakes. It even had an authentic rotting smell. BARF!

19. All of the humping on the show messed with the makeup.


It’s not easy to look dead when you have blood pumping through your body. To get the vampire look, the actors were covered in white makeup. However, because of the shows very “adult” nature the makeup was usually smudged due to sweating.

20. The True Blood cast ran blood drives at Comic Con every year.

The blood drive collected over 1000 pints of blood every year saving 2,800 lives.

21. Sookie & Bill are a real life couple.


Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer have been married since 2010. They have a son and a daughter together.

22. Sam Tramell, who played Sam Merlotte, is the only actor on the show who is from Louisiana.

Everyone else worked with dialect coaches to get the Southern accents down.

23. The episode titles on True Blood are the song names of pop songs or Christian music.

Needless to say, some Christian groups were non to pleased.

24. Tara Thornton is only a minor character in The Sookie Stackhouse Novels.

Luckily, she’s Sookie’s BFF in the television series.

25. Nearly every episode of the series ended with cliffhanger.


Sex and blood weren’t the only reasons Truebies kept tuning in.