This Man Uses Makeup To Transform Himself Into Game Of Thrones’ Strongest Female Characters

We love Game of ThronesWe love Game Of Thrones so much, sometimes we want to be in Game Of Thrones. One actor took his love for the HBO series further than any of us could have imagined and used makeup to transform himself into characters from the show.

Paolo Ballesteros is used to the idea of adopting different characters in his career as an actor and TV host. All it takes is a little bit of makeup, and Ballesteros can be a completely different person. The actor has so seamlessly transformed himself into female Game Of Thrones characters like Sansa Stark, Melisandre and Daenerys Targaryen, that he could easily sub in as a double and we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Check out his amazing transformations. It’s like he adopts a completely different bone structure. Is he magic?

Here he is as Sansa Stark.

game of thrones makeup 7

He’s a flawless Melisandre.

game of thrones makeup 6

His take on Cersei Lannister nails it with the cropped hair.

game of thrones makeup 5

Look at those eyes on Arya Stark.

game of thrones makeup 4

Brienne of Tarth looks like a painting.

game of thrones makeup 3

Margaery Tyrell is as pretty as ever.

game of thrones makeup 2

Daenerys Targaryen is captivating. Look at those brows!

game of thones makeup

You can check out more of Ballesteros on his Instagram account.