This ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Alum Is Headed Back To Shondaland!

T R Knight, Greys Anatomy, ABC, 072016

Any real Grey’s Anatomy fan knows that a lot happened behind the scenes during the first few seasons of the series. Katherine Heigls bashing of the show’s writers led to her exit from the series, as well as the subsequent destruction of her entire career. Likewise, Isaiah Washington‘s use of a homophobic slur pretty much got him blacklisted from Hollywood for several years. The bottom line is, you don’t mess with Shonda Rhimes or Shondaland. However, it seems that having some tension with the big boss doesn’t mean you’ll be ousted forever.

After an Emmy nomination and a five season run on Grey’s Anatomy,T.R. Knight exited the show after his character George O’Malley was killed off. Rumors swirled around his departure, especially since he was a fan favorite, and Knight even spoke up saying there was a gradual “breakdown in communication” over the years between himself and Rhimes. Since Grey’s, Knight has gone on to star in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit , The Good Wife and Hulu‘s 11.22.63. However, in the seven years that have passed since his exit from Grey‘s it looks like T.R. Knight and Shonda Rhimes have turned over a new leaf. TV Line just announced that Knight has been added to the cast of Shondaland’s The Catch for its second season on ABC.

The Catch showrunner Allan Heinberg has stated that the role was written, “especially for him”. Shonda Rhimes has also said of Knight’s return to Shondaland that is has been,”a thrilling secret to keep.” We’re just so glad that all fences have been mended in this situation.” Perhaps some other Grey’s Anatomy alum should take note…


No word yet on the season two premiere date but we’ll let you know when we know. What do you think about T.R. Knight returning to Shondaland? Let us know below.