This Is What Happens When Eddie Redmayne’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Magic Briefcase Meets The TSA

Everyone knows if Newt Scamander had to travel around in modern times, there’s no way on Voldermort’s life his magical briefcase would make it through the TSA. We’re pretty sure if they don’t allow liquids over three ounces, they’re not going to allow some magical briefcase filled with…does anyone even know exactly what’s in there?

Eddie Redmayne recently stopped by The Late Late Show to promote his film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, but he was almost late, late, late when a TSA agent (portrayed by the fabulous James Corden) flagged his magical briefcase.

Pleading with Corden, Redmayne said he was in “a bit of a hurry,” but Corden, in true TSA agent form, didn’t care.

“Everyone’s in a bit of a hurry here, sir, except me. I’ve got all the time in the world. Let’s pop the bag, shall we?” He said.

Of course, Redmayne begged Corden not to unlatch the case, and when Corden turned around, a fantastic beast popped out and started chatting. Redmayne quickly shoved the cat-like animal back in and panicked while Corden searched the suitcase.

Thankfully, Corden just found a bottle of mouthwash, which was apparently a major infraction. Somehow, we’re guessing it’s not as major as the litany of fantastic beasts hiding out in there.

Check out the full video above!

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