This Is Why Jean Ralphio And Steve Harrington Met Up Earlier This Week

Remember a couple of days ago when Jean Ralphio met Steve Harrington from Stranger Things?  We know they met on the set of The Late Late Show With James Corden, but we didn’t know why.

Turns out the reason why is to find out once and for all if Steve Harrington is Jean Ralphio’s dad. The evidence is pretty outstanding. Sure, Jean Ralphio is older than Steve if you match them up in the present day, but you have to remember that Steve was a teenager in ’80s.

Aside from the fact that it’d make no logical sense because they literally come from different worlds, they slowly discovered they have just about all of the same habits. As soon as Steve found out how similar they were, he became the father Jean never had (or always had if he jumped into the Upside Down and hightailed it back to the ’80s). He even taught him how to ride a bike!

Check out the clip above.

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