This ‘Saved By The Bell’ Themed Restaurant Makes All Your ’90s Dreams Come True

For every child of the ’90s who desperately wished they could hangout with Zack, Slater, Kelly et al at The Max, your dreams just came true. Chicago is now home to a replica Saved By The Bell popup diner called Saved By The Max — and it looks almost identical to Bayside High’s favorite off-campus hangout.

saved by the max
Instagram / @savedbythemax

Seriously, they totally nailed the look — complete with sparkly vinyl booths, bright neon lights and that oh-so-’90s color pallet. The restaurant even has a Jukebox, and waitresses greet your table shouting “Go, Bayside!” Now all we need is a pretty blonde having a dramatic meltdown over caffeine pills, and we’re set (if you don’t remember that episode, you’re missing a seriously important part of 1990).

saved by the max 2
Instagram / @savedbythemax

The popup,  which opened in Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park neighborhood, celebrated it’s opening night on Thursday. Like you’d expect, Saved By The Max is not lacking in cheekily-named Saved By The Bell-themed fare. Patrons can order everything from a traditional diner burger dubbed the Bayside Burger to A.C. Sliders (pulled pork sliders with Jameson BBQ sauce) and Mac & Screech. There are also themed cocktails — who doesn’t love themed cocktails?

In true Saved By The Bell fashion, the diner’s grand opening saw an appearance from actor Ed Alonzo who played Max, the magician who owned Saved By The Bell’s beloved diner on the series’ first season.

Saved By The Max is only open until August 31, and reservations for the three-month stint are already sold out. Fortunately, walk-ins are welcome for dinner, brunch and late-night if you don’t mind a line.

Now it’s time to get a major blast of nostalgia with these photos from the restaurant’s launch.

saved by the max 3
Instagram / @sbtnow

saved by the max
Instagram / @cancorner

saved by the max 5
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saved by the max 6
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Can we just live here, please?