This Supercut Shows Every ’70s & ’80s Movie Reference In ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things is arguably Netflix’s most binge-worthy original series since Orange Is The New Black. Most of us have already watched the entire first season and we’re already theorizing about what’s going to happen in season two (if there is a season two. Please, Netflix! Let there be a season two!).

The show is an obvious homage to ’70s and ’80s sci-fi mysteries and has found a massive fan base in its nostalgia. Everything from the synth in the theme song to the kid-centered plot screams of the ’80s, but what we didn’t realize is just how much Stranger Things actually references the films that came before it. 

This amazing supercut does a perfect side-by-side comparison of every one of Stranger Things’ references. Most of the series’ cinematography draws inspiration from films like E.T. and Alien, but there’s some The Goonies and The Shining references you might have missed, too. 

We didn’t realize the references were that spot-on. When the guys first meet Eleven, it’s just like that scene from E.T.


This bit is exactly like Alien. 


Basically, this is the best thing we’ve seen on the Internet today. We must promptly re-watch the entire series, now.