This ‘Supernatural’ Connection Will Make You Believe In God

In the world of Supernatural, we’ve met just about every supernatural creature in the book. Except for the Big Man Upstairs. So far, in the 11 seasons of the show, we’ve never met God. He’s been talked about endlessly, by the Winchesters, demons, and especially the angels. I mean the guy is kind of a deadbeat dad. The fact that God has never come into play has been mentioned just as many times. Everyone can say with certainty that God is MIA, and yet, we have met him. We just weren’t formally introduced.


It is extremely likely that God, the man who created it all and is behind everything that happens on Supernatural, is Chuck Shurley. Yes, Chuck, A.K.A. Carver Edlund, the author who wrote the low-selling Supernatural books (very meta, remember they are stories literally explaining every aspect of Sam and Dean’s lives?). Sam and Dean first meet Chuck in season 4, episode 18 “The Monster at the End of This Book” and think he’s just some creepy stalker type, until they learn he’s actually a prophet of the Lord, as explained to them by the angel Castiel.

At the time of Chuck’s introduction and story line, fans didn’t really speculate who he was farther than one of the first prophets the audience meets. It wasn’t until season 5, episode 22 “Swan Song” where Castiel is killed by Raphael, who is the archangel in charge of protecting Chuck. Chuck’s home is in ruins, he finishes a last bit of writing, and then just vanishes. This scene, which was never explained to viewers later, led to wide speculation that Chuck may actually be God. That, coupled with the fact that Sam and Dean were told by the angel Joshua that God was in fact on Earth, made all signs point to Chuck. Who else has done things so mysteriously on this show, aside from the Big Man, without taking credit? No one.


These theories and beliefs stayed dormant when Chuck never reappeared, that was until season 10, on the 200th episode of the series, “Fan Fiction”. In the last seconds of the episode, Chuck appears at the school where the students had been putting on the musical Supernatural and nods his approval. Without it actually being said, we can pretty much all agree Chuck is God. If you want to argue “How did Castiel, Raphael, Joshua or any of the other angels not see Chuck for God?” It’s as simple as this: God can hide himself from anyone. It will only be revealed to them if God wants them to know. Clearly, at that point in time, with angels split as the apocalypse loomed and Lucifer was gaining strength, it was not the time for God to reveal himself. You might say that was the perfect time, but given the fact that things moved on fairly quickly, we think we understand God’s plan (at least, we hope we can after all these years).

The CW/Tumblr

It seems that season 11 will be the year we get official confirmation on who God is on this show, even though God’s Supernatural wiki page has a picture of Chuck, it’s never been official. Rob Benedict (the actor who portrays Chuck) is set to return to the show. And what better timig? With The Darkness (God’s little sis) running wild with plans to literally destroy the Earth and Lucifer topside, he has no choice. Only time will tell if Chuck will tell Sam and Dean he’s been God all along. And hopefully apologize for not helping their sorry asses out sooner. #ThankChuck