This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory About The Starks Will Blow Your Mind

Last Sunday, fans were left sobbing over the latest episode of Game of Thrones. While we’re all still mourning the death of one kind-hearted (albeit quiet) soul, the fifth episode of season six left us with lots of nuggets of information to ponder–including more evidence for one big theory about the Starks.

Lots of viewers and readers of George R.R. Martin‘s series are obsessed with YouTuber Calluna Reviews’ theory which connects the seven Starks to the Seven-Faced God. The theory is very simple, but it will still blow your mind. Throughout the series, we’ve seen many of the folks in Westeros praying to these “new gods”. This deity is said to have seven distinct faces, which include the Father, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone, the Warrior, the Smith and the Stranger.  When Game Of Thrones started, there were seven Starks. Coincidence? This theory says it’s not. According to Calluna Reviews, each face of The Seven represents the fate of a Stark. Are you following?

Bran Stark — The Crone 


Let’s start with Bran since he was such a major part of last week’s plot. This season, we’ve gotten plenty of face-time with Bran’s abnormal abilities. We’ve learned that not only is he able to see the world through the eyes of other living creatures (warging), but he’s also able to travel to visions of the past and, as we learned, alter them. The Crone, one of The Seven, represents wisdom and foresight. Calluna’s speculation is that this pointed to Bran’s unique talents early on. We’re thinking it could foretell Bran not only visiting the past, but the future.

Arya Stark — The Stranger


While Bran is busy time traveling, Arya has been attempting to lose her identity under the tutelage of  Jaqen H’ghar. Through her various (tedious) tests and trials, she’s becoming less of Arya Stark and more of a nameless girl who will do the bidding of the Faceless Man. Quite literally, she is becoming a stranger. This god of The Seven is also known to represent those who have no place to fit in; something that we’ve always seen Arya struggle with, both in and out of Winterfell. Also guys don’t freak out but, The Stranger is also closely associated with death.

Sansa Stark — The Maiden


While Sansa Stark has definitely moved past her ‘damsel in distress’ phase, there’s still evidence that she is connected to the Maiden. Representing love and beauty, this god cares for those who are innocent. We’ve seen Sansa’s character develop immensely since season one. While she’s still considered ‘the beautiful one’, she’s grown into someone who fights for justice (especially when it comes to protecting the innocent).

Ned Stark — The Father


The Father represents all things just and true. It’s also said that he judges the souls of the living and the dead (which Ned did during his reign in Winterfell–remember when beheaded that traitor?). Ned was a truly fair and honorable leader, which ultimately lead to his downfall.

Catelyn Stark — The Mother


If Ned Stark is the Father, then Lady Stark is surely the Mother. The Mother is associated with fertility and childbearing. What better way to describe this strong character than a woman who will do anything to protect her family? Catelyn Stark was a solid pillar in the Stark clan, but her love for her children resulted in her own demise (AKA the Red Wedding).

Robb Stark — The Warrior


Courage and strength are the main qualities of the Warrior and, of course, Robb Stark. Until his death, Robb was dedicated to becoming a strong leader of an army and a successful ruler of Winterfell. Unfortunately, he is brought down due to a moment of weakness and betrayal. 

Rickon Stark — The Smith


This one might require a question mark. We don’t know much about little Rickon (except that he’s not so little anymore and he’s in the hands of wretched Ramsay), so there isn’t much evidence to back up this connection. However, if the other six gods represent the other six Starks, then the smallest member of the clan is left with the Smith. The Smith is associated with creation and craftsmanship. Calluna speculates this might mean Rickon could play a key role in taking back/reconstructing Winterfell. How legit is that? Fingers crossed!

Also, anyone notice how Jon Snow isn’t included at all?