10 Times Cam From ‘Modern Family’ Was Our Spirit Animal

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves on the exact same wavelength as Modern Family‘s Cam Tucker. He’s a dreamer, an old soul, an avid Meryl Streep fan and in his very own words, “I’m sort of like Costco. I’m big, I’m not fancy and I dare you to not like me.”

1. You are not ashamed to treat your pet like a child, including buying them outfits.


You have a healthy appreciation for all things cute and fluffy, and that obsession comes with the inevitable desire to dress said fluffy things in adorable outfits! You may not sew like Cam, but you’ve dented your bank account purchasing kitty costumes from PetCo (specifically to make them look like a Disney princess).

2. You have a healthy obsession with all things pop culture and consider yourself a semi-professional critic.


Like Cam, you consider yourself one of the pro’s. You’re not paid to write reviews, but you will stand by your opinion of the Hunger Games saga and you will NOT back down from Team Gale! Also, you aren’t afraid to admit that you weep through every Meryl Streep film, including Mamma Mia.

3. You accept that your heart is just too big. You’ll always feel the feels (especially when you’re binge-watching your favorite soap opera).


It’s always the tenderhearted souls of this world who are punished. Cam is often verbally condemned for his big heart and sensitive nature, but that doesn’t stop him from expressing his feelings to those he loves. We’re guessing you know this tune pretty well.

4. You have a great handle on your emotions.


Due to #3, it’s often hard to keep your emotions in tact.

5. You often wonder if you’re doing the whole “life” thing right. You haven’t even gotten through a third of your bucket list yet! 


So much to do, so little time! You’re an overachiever in many ways, but you’re also in a love/hate relationship with your couch. Cam always seems to be having the inner-struggle of being an ambitious husband and father, and wanting to lay on the couch with a bag of chips, weeping over a good soap. Totally relatable.

6. You have a flare for the dramatic.


You have a bit of a theatrical side, whether that be jazz hands-ing to show tunes, dressing up as a cat from Cats or taking advantage of that ‘perfect Streetcar moment’ to yell “STEEEEEELLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” over your father-in-law’s wife’s lost dog.

7. You surprise your friends with your deeply complex insight on life’s greater meaning.


We can all learn a lot from Cam’s commentary and that’s probably because he’s a self-proclaimed ‘dreamer.’ According to him, the dreamers of this world are put here to balance out the realists, who in turn, “keep dreamers from soaring too close to the sun.”

8. But you also surprise them with your untamable weirdness.


You’re never short on surprises. Sometimes you can’t help but belt out a song or bust a move. You’re not quite sure why your family even tolerates you, but you’re also the glue that basically holds everyone together. Without you and your oddities, they’d be completely and utterly hopeless.

9. You value loyalty, honesty and sharing your feelings with those you love.


Kind words are your love language and nobody can ever take that away from you. Though you might come across as kind of creepy or overstepping boundaries at certain times… those you love will truly appreciate you. You value honesty and trustworthiness in your companions, and you’re totally waiting for your Mitchell.

10. Most of all, you put family first and hope to impart wisdom (and a love of Beyonce) onto future generations.

Cam often exudes words of wisdom well beyond his years, and he hopes to impart these life lessons onto Lily (when she’s not giving him sass, of course). You also hope to impart the meaning of life, and a healthy appreciation for Queen Beyonce onto your children and their children’s children.