15 Times ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Made You Cry

A show infamous for it’s drama and ability to emotionally draw you in, Grey’s Anatomy, never failed to require tissues. There was always someone dying and always someone’s heart being broken (simultaneously with the audience’s). Each season was more torturous the one before it, and we mean that in the best possible way.  Here are some of our favorite tear-jerker moments from the show. WARNING: it will leave you affected all over again.

15. Callie and Arizona break up.


They weren’t perfect, but it was still sad to see this relationship end. 

14. Meredith gets pregnant.


After trying for so long, it was so great to find out that Meredith and Derek were having a baby of their own. 

13. Teddy loses Henry.


Henry was always sick and poor Teddy’s heart never stood a chance. 

12. When Richard thinks of Adele after she passes away. 




And this was at Bailey’s already emotional wedding…

11. Izzie and Alex’s entire relationship.



It was either happy tears or heart-wrenching sobs for these two.

10. Meredith drowns and doesn’t try hard enough to save herself. 




The torture Derek was put through that day! 

9. Owen and Yang’s split.



They were dysfunctional, but so right when they were together. 

8. Meredith has to remove the bomb, and it explodes in front of her.





Another episode that had us at the edge of our seats.

7. The “you’re my person” thing… every time.


It’s become the most endearing phrase because of this show. 

6. When Meredith tells Derek to choose her. 


It was when we finally saw Meredith expressing her emotions for the first time. 

5. When Denny dies and Izzie is distraught. 





Alex comes in and carries her away after which is even more of a reason to pull out the tissues. 

4. Burke leaving Yang at the altar.


If Yang’s crying, we’re crying.

3. They realize the burn victim is George.




He has to communicate to Meredith his old nickname for them to know who he is. 

2. The shooting in the hospital. 





You basically just cry the whole way through this episode. 

1. The plane crash.






Too many tearful moments in this episode, but Mark and Lexie’s final moments were the worst. 

We’re so sorry to make you cry all over again, blame  Grey’s Anatomy.