10 Times Jessica Williams Killed It On The Daily Show

The Daily Show is going through some pretty big changes this year, but one thing we’re happy about is that Jessica Williams is sticking around. She is amazing because she’s funny and keeps it real. Here are 10 times the correspondent killed it on the late night show.

1. When she explained who Stand Your Ground works for:

micdotcom: Who should get Jon Stewart’s job? Jessica freaking WilliamsTumblr/Comedy Central

2. The time she broke down why cat calling needs to stop:

Tumblr/Comedy Central

3. The episode where she pointed out the irony of Dolezal:

Tumblr/Comedy Central

4. Explaining why judging someone on how they dress doesn’t go both ways:

television animated GIF Giphy/Comedy Central

5. When she pointed out the double standards for black and white people:

jon stewart animated GIF Giphy/Comedy Central

6. That time she cried for protesters of gay marriage:

hate animated GIF Giphy/Comedy Central

7. The episode where she ripped through this coded language:

television animated GIF Giphy/Comedy Central

television animated GIF Tumblr/Comedy Central

8. When she explained the outrageous length women have to go through to not be assaulted:

television animated GIF Giphy/Comedy Central

9. When she broke down white washing:

Tumblr/Comedy Central

10. That episode when she put this Republican to the ultimate test:

Tumblr/Comedy Central