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14 Times Stephen Colbert Broke Character on “The Colbert Report”

Fans of The Colbert Report know that host Stephen Colbert says some truly ridiculous things as his ultra-conservative alter ego, also named Stephen Colbert. He usually makes these ignorant statements with a serious, deadpan expression. But every once in a while, the facade cracks and he can’t control his laughter.

When he gets a case of the giggles, his go-to move is to cover his smile with his hand. This character break is usually due to his hilarious lines, the onscreen graphic or because he messed up the script in some way. But whatever the reason, it’s always great to watch. With all the absurd remarks he’s made over the years, we’re surprised he hasn’t broken character more often.

Now that Stephen is dropping his pundit persona to host the Late Show, we’re really going to miss his character breaks.

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