13 Times We Wished We Had an ‘Orphan Black’ Clone

We think it would be so great to have a clone. You know, minus all the conspiracy and danger. We’ll leave the scary stuff to the Orphan Black clones when they return to our TV screens for season three this Saturday. In the meantime, we’ll have fun imagining what it would be like to have multiple versions of ourselves to take care of life’s less perilous endeavors. 

1. When you don’t feel like working out.


A clone like Alison would gladly do it. She always has neurotic energy to burn!

2. When you don’t feel like going to work.


A workaholic like Rachel would have you covered.

3. When you’re not sure what you feel like eating.


Helena could be your personal taste-tester. Or your human garbage disposal.

4. When you want to kick someone’s ass.


Sarah’s got the scrappy skills to take care of that for you.

5. When you want to try out new trends.


Wouldn’t it be great to test out new makeup on a clone first?

6. When you want to date multiple people.


So many dating sites, so little time. A clone could weed out the bad dates for you.

7. When you need a ride somewhere.


Clone road trip!

8. When you need help brainstorming.


Alison to the rescue!

9. When you want to tell someone you hate to shut up.


You don’t want to be confrontational, so let your clone handle it!

10. When you have a project due.


Cosima would help, she’s smart.

11. When you don’t feel like going out, but you made a commitment.


Send your clone to be sociable while you chill on the couch and watch Netflix.

12. When you don’t feel like cleaning.


You can sit back and relax, while your clone does all the work.

13. When you need someone to hang out with.


You’ll always have a built-in pal!

What would YOU do if you had a clone? Are you excited for Orphan Black‘s new season? Tell us on Twitter!