Tina Gives Love On Newest ‘Bob’s Burgers’

The newest episode of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ airs this Sunday, and Sunday happens to be Valentine’s day, so you know what that means. It’s a Valentine’s day episode! On the episode, Tina decides to attempt to play cupid. She opens up a carnation fundraiser, but unfortunately, things don’t go well for her.


Gene’s musical numbers are one of the best parts about ‘Bob’s Burger’s’, and finally, he is getting some recognition for it. A/V advisor Mr. Grant (recurring guest star Will Forte) hears Gene and Courtney’s (David Wain) music and sees the fans that they bring so he decides to have them open for the school news:


Will Tina be able overcome her Valentine’s day woes? Will Gene’s musical opening go well? Find out on the newest Bob’s Burgers airing Sunday February 14, 2016, on Fox