15 ‘One Tree Hill’ Story Lines That Should Have Never Happened

One Tree Hill was one of those rare teen dramas that held our attention season after season. With fully fleshed out characters and relationships, the kids of Tree Hill kept us invested for nearly a decade. From Brooke and Lucas’ love saga to the evolution of Naley, OTH might have given us a bit of a soap opera feels at times, but the show was usually on point. However, after nine seasons, there were times when some of the plots on OTH made us scratch our heads. Here are 15 One Tree Hill story lines that should have never happened.

Lucas & Lindsey’s Almost Wedding


Ugh, did anyone even like Lindsey? Seriously, no one thought she and Lucas would last, but the demise of their relationship at their wedding was just beyond absurd. In season 4 prior to the time jump, Lucas and Peyton were still hot and heavy; so Lindsey pretty much came out of nowhere. Still, Lucas was apparently in love with Lindsey or whatever so he proposed and they got all the way to the alter before Lindsey realized that Lucas’ best selling novel, The Comet was about Peyton. Seriously how pointless was that?!

Keith + Deb = GROSS

Remember when Keith and Deb found comfort in each others arms (and private parts), and Dan walked in on them? Not only was story line was beyond yucky and incestuous, but it also led to Dan murdering Keith in the school shooting. Basically this story line led to one of the most horrific moments in the entire series. Honestly, we still haven’t recovered.

Psycho Derek

Our favs seemed to encounter quite a few psychos during the 9 seasons of OTH. One of the most insane and unrealistic was Psycho Derek. Though we all initially thought Psycho Derek was Peyton’s half-brother, we soon learned he was just an insane stalker. (This is why you don’t put all your business on the interwebs for creeps.) Luckily, Lucas intervened and pushed him out of a window before he murdered Brooke and Peyton. However, things got even more alarming when Psycho Derek got up and walked away before anyone could call the police. So was he like a ghost or something?!

That Time Dan’s Heart Was Eaten By A Dog

Before Empire‘s Lucious Lyon, Dan Scott was literally the worst person and father in television history. Dan did a lot of really shitty things and he somehow usually managed to come out on top. However, by season six after waiting for the heart transplant that he desperately needed, Dan finally got what was coming to him. However, instead of this being a tragic moment it just ended up being beyond hilarious. As the medic enters the hospital with Dan’s new heart, he trips and falls and a dog gobbles it up. Seriously….this really happened. Also, since when are dogs allowed in hospitals?!

Brooke Adopting


We know that our girl B. Davis had a pretty big character arc. However, going from party girl to responsible adult still has its limits. We got that Brooke loved kids, but adopting really seemed like a stretch especially since she was already Jamie’s godmother. Brooke wasn’t even 25 when she “adopted” 15-year old Sam; luckily that insane story line didn’t last long.

Peyton & Pete Wentz


OTH was all about the music, and the show had some fantastic musical guests like Sheryl Crow and Gavin Degraw. However, when OTH hooked Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz up with 17-year old Peyton during season 3, things got a tad strange.  Wentz played himself, so we were expected to believe that a huge rock star would fall for a girl in Tree Hill, North Carolina, and then takes time out of his schedule to hang with her and her high school friends. We love romance novels as much as anyone, but even this seems a tad absurd. We might have been more sold on this if the duo had any chemistry at all, but their relationship was as dry as over-processed split ends.

Nathan’s Kidnapping

James Lafferty, One Tree Hill, The CW, 120215
The CW

James Lafferty who played Nathan Scott on the series, only signed on for half of the final season of OTH. Therefore in order to explain his absence, the writers had to come up with something super creative. Unfortunately, what they came up with was a bit too creative even for the world of Tree Hill.  In the final season of the series, Nathan was kidnapped and nearly killed. To make matter worse, the whole thing was drawn our for an absurd number of episodes. Also, creepy Chris Keller came back to help when we never asked for his return. Still, the story line redeemed itself a bit in the rescue episode.

The Ghosts of Clay & Quinn


The first time OTH approached a supernatural story line was in the fourth season when Ghost Keith visited Lucas. It actually worked very well. However, when they tried to do something similar with Clay and Quinn after Crazy Katie shoots them, things didn’t work out quite as nicely. By season eight we were all sick and tired of the “crazies” and the “pshycos”, and Clay and Quinn wandering about as ghosts added nothing interesting to the show. Honestly, the entire episode is one to skip.

Their Careers


We hope we don’t sound like we’re hating because as 20-somethings we’re all about success. However, having an NBA player, best selling writing, record label owner, recording artist and millionaire business woman in the same friend group was a HUGE stretch even in the world of teen soaps. (Seriously, when a career in the NBA is most realistic it’s time to really rethink things.) Though the series did have a time jump, the characters only went from being 18 to 23 years old. Luckily all of this didn’t seem to outlandish when watching the series, but it does make you scratch your head after the fact.

Jake’s Baby Mama

It’s one thing to deal with the responsibilities of a child as a teen parent, but dealing with baby mama drama is even more absurd. Jake’s ex-girlfriend Nikki (who was old AF by the way) abandoned their infant child and then randomly came back to try and get custody of the baby. Let’s not forget the fact that she seduced Lucas on the carousel first. Nikki’s entire existence was foolish and unneeded. But we really do still miss Jake.

Nanny Carrie


Though she wasn’t the first or the last, Nanny Carrie was One Tree Hill‘s most infamous psychopath. Originally her story line wasn’t too insane, she was being a creeper and lusting after Nathan, but so were we. However when she ran over Dan and kidnapped him, we knew things would go south fast.  We aren’t saying Dan didn’t deserve this, but WTF?!! Nanny Carrie acted like she was Kathy Bates in Misery. She forced  Dan to eat bugs, and increased his pain level. Still, the worst part of this entire story line was when Dan murdered Carrie in front of Jamie and the blonde tot acted like it was no big deal.

That Time Rick Fox Was A Loan Shark & Hit Haley With His Car, Plus Other Bad Stuff

The mid-season finale of season four was INSANE. So much happened, that we still haven’t wrapped our heads around it all these years later. Rick Fox played a loan shark named Dante  who was forcing Nathan to throw games. However, Nathan decided to man up and win a big game which enraged Dante. As Nathan and Haley walk home after the win, Dante tries to run Nathan over, but a PREGNANT Haley pushes her hubby out of the way and takes the hit. (Listen we know Nathan was headed to the NBA and all, but preggers Haley’s instincts were clearly ALL out of wack. You don’t sacrifice your pregnant self for nobody!). The episode got even stranger when after seeing Haley lying in the street, Lucas basically has a heart attack. It was all just too much and too fast.

The Entire 1940’s Episode


Chad Michael Murray who played Lucas Scott on OTH wrote this extremely odd episode which took place in an alternative 1940’s Tree Hill. In the episode, Dan “owns” Peyton and is sleeping with Haley. It was all just very creepy. We know Lucas had daddy issues, but we didn’t need this.

Keith’s Almost Bae

Craig Sheffer, Maria Menounos, One Tree Hill, The CW, 120215
The CW

We bet you don’t remember when Maria Menounos was on One Tree Hill! Menounos played Jules, a call girl that Dan hired to seduce Keith. (Dan Scott really was the absolute worst.) The story line really just made poor Keith look super pathetic because everyone seemed to know that Jules was a liar except for him. Seriously, the poor man didn’t find out until their wedding day. Keith really didn’t deserve this foolishness.

BONUS: The Spice Girl’s Dance

This wasn’t actually a story line and we’ve all done insane things with out friends, but this random Spice Girls dance was embarrassing for both the characters of OTH and their fans.