5 Viral U.S. Open Tennis Videos

Roger FedererEuroSport

Tennis, one of the older sports out there, has embraced modernity by posting videos on YouTube. In celebration of the U.S. Open, here are the most viral tennis videos of all time.

Novak Djokovic Imitations

Before he gained his laser focus, Djokovic was known as “D’Joker” for his sense of humor, as you can see in this video. 

Fight Night at the Open

An extremely profane fan got into a brawl when confronted. Hardly the genteel sport here. Maybe he got drunk and thought he was at a Mets game?

Federer Smiles Crazy Dance

During a changeover, Roger Federer couldn’t help smiling at a particularly enthusiastic fan singing along to a song. 

Roger Federer Makes Shot Between His Legs

This is the shot that Federer is famous for…and it deserves every view it gets.  

Rafael Nadal Cramps Up During Press Conference

Nadal handles what could be a very embarrassing moment with grace and poise. 

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