The 10 Weirdest Events In ‘Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow

From the moment we met our favorite coffee-loving, fast-talking duo, we knew their hometown wasn’t just an ordinary place to live. Stars Hollow is the heart and soul of Gilmore Girlsencompassing a quaint community of absolute misfits. To commemorate our favorite fictional town (and its triumphant return), we’ve ranked the top 10 most bizarre events on the Stars Hollow social calendar.

1. The Battle of Stars Hollow Reenactment 


Each snowy winter, dedicated citizens of Stars Hollows gather together to honor the town’s legendary independence war. Though the battle really only encompassed a few brave military men waiting for an army that never came, folks in the town reenact the story to remember those who would have been brave. (Also, Kirk plays a woman)

2. The Festival of Living Pictures


This unique festival brings high culture to the Gilmore girls’ quaint and cozy town. Both Lorelai and Rory get roped into standing super, super, super, super still while dressed as people from paintings as their friends and neighbors look on…Don’t flinch! 

3. The Cornucopia Can Drive


Technically, this event is part of the Autumn Festival. As per usual, a large number of residents are expected to be in full costume. Also, we totally dig the bestie moments that happen between Rory and Lane as they work the drive.

4. The Stars Hollow Historical Museum


We’re not quite sure if the Twickham House-turned-museum ever became a thriving business. We see the establishment built in season five, allowing locals to come and witness tacky dioramas of Star Hollow’s history. (“Those stars, so bright. This forest, hollow. What name should I give this place? Hollow…Stars…Hollow…Stars…”)

5. The Summer Madness Festival 


This town takes their seasons seriously! Lots goes down at the Summer Madness Festival (it is mad after all) and it’s certain you won’t stop humming the “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” tune sung by a local choir. 

6. The Snowman Building Contest (& The Bracebridge Dinner)


Okay, so this one’s not that weird. However, contest participants give this snowman-making shindig some unique Stars Hollow character. Shortly after, the inn hosts its iconic Bracebridge Dinner (aka a winter wonderland feast complete with MORE costumes and horse carriages!)

7. The Old Muddy River Bridge Knit-athon


Bridges cost money. What better way to rebuild one than putting on a neighborhood fundraiser? Rather than baked goods or candies (that would be too mainstream), local folk host a knitting benefit. Talk about a lot of yarn! 

8. Founder Day’s Firelight Festival


The Gilmores’ home is no ordinary place; a town such as Stars Hollow is bound to have a unique founding story. The tale of passionate lovers begins with a boy and a girl from two distant counties who must embark on a long, tedious journey to finally be together. Their long-awaited meeting place? Where the town gazebo stands today. Thus, SH residents commemorate this moment.

9. Movie in the Square Night


Not only does Kirk apparently work as an attendant for the local cinema, but he stars in produces, and directs films too. His masterpiece played consecutive years in a row at the town’s Movie in the Square Night, making it an annual special treat.

10. Town Meetings


Whether it’s talking troubadours, Kirk’s sleeping habits or “the possible negative ramifications of the inn owner and diner owner dating”, Taylor Doose sure knows how to run a memorable town meeting. While most gatherings result in heated discussion over nonsense topics, we still think Stars Hollow has their priorities straight.