Treat Yourself To This ‘Parks & Rec’ “Treat Yourself” Compilation

Devoted fans of Parks and Recreation were left with valuable life lessons sprinkled throughout the show’s seven seasons. None however, were as valuable as one ongoing mantra: “TREAT YO SELF”. As an acclaimed annual event (amongst a select few Pawnee residents), “Treat Yo Self” Day reminds us to look past what’s in our wallet, and treat ourselves to clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas, fine leather goods, and anything else our hearts desire. In the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, “treat yo self” to this ‘treat yo self’ compilation.

Treat Yo Self 2011

Season four introduced us to Tom and Donna’s self-proclaimed holiday, dedicated to spending excessive amounts of money for no apparent reason (other than to treat oneself, of course). It’s a pivotal moment between these BFFs and totally made every fan of the show want to jump on the Treat Yourself bandwagon.

Treat Yo Self 2017

Parks and Rec‘s final season revived the beloved holiday–Beverly Hills style! With Donna’s wedding in sight, the Parks Department’s sassiest duo goes big for Treat Yo Self 2017. What bigger way to celebrate than to fly across the country for shopping, a celeb mansion tour (“Usher’s house!!!”) and to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame (“Usher’s star!!!”). We’re thankful Parks & Rec leaves us with the grandest, most glamorous Treat Yo Self Day yet.

Treat Yo Self…Ben Wyatt Style

Though Ben starts out as an unwilling victim to Tom and Donna’s special day, he really does treat himself to one of the geekiest, nerdiest and coolest splurges yet….nananananana, BATMAN!