Say It Ain’t So-okie: 5 ‘True Blood’ Moments To Relive Before The Final Season

HBO might have sentenced vampire drama True Blood to the true death after next season, the show’s seventh, but we’ll always have the memories. True Blood helped redefine supernatural shows, making it acceptable to mix standard drama elements with high camp.

True Blood Season 6, Episode 8John P Johnson

So let’s see the fangers out in style by remembering some of the show’s greatest and weirdest moments:

Sookie and Bill Kiss For The First Time
This is where it all started, when telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse met southern gentleman vampire Bill Compton. Their chemistry was hard to deny, even for actors Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, who ended up a real-life couple.

Eric Goes Up In Flames
Eric may be hot but he’s never been this hot before. As last season of True Blood drew to a close we saw a very, very naked Eric sunbathing. But we could only enjoy the view for a moment, as suddenly our favorite Viking vampire caught flame.

Godric Meets The Sun
Eric’s vampire maker Godric was a centuries old vampire ready to die. The scene where he decided to meet the sun, with Sookie standing by watching, was one of the show’s most emotional and spectacular.

Franklin Can Text Really Fast
Sookie’s best friend Tara has had some of the worst luck on the show, and that’s really saying something for a cast of characters this disaster-prone. When unhinged vampire Franklin falls for Tara, he takes her hostage and tries to impress her by showing off his superior texting skills.

Russell Edgington Makes News
One of the greatest True Blood characters was definitely drama queen vampire Russell Edgington, played with great flare by Denis O’Hare. After Eric kills his lover Talbot, Russell makes a splashy entrance on live TV by eviscerating a news anchor. “Now time for the weather. Tiffany!”

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