‘True Detective’ Season 1 Finale Recap

True Detective, Ep 1Jim Bridges/HBO

It’s hard to end such a complicated series, or so we thought. Apparently, the most conflicted show on television can be summed up in one sentence, “There is only one story, light vs darkness.”

Marty and Rust find one of the killers and unmask the pedophile ring to the mass media. In the process Rust gets stabbed by Errol, the man with the face scars, and Marty gets an ax in the chest. Yet, they persevere. Rust shoots Errol in the head, which is the biggest surprise of all. We expected a torture scene or at least an unfair fight. But we got nothing. Just a couple of injuries, a few tears from each detective, and zero explanation about anything.

We could say that the show was wrapped up quite nicely, the bad guy is dead, the good guys prevail. Just as Rust says when looking at the stars he believes that light is winning against darkness. But we don’t see how that’s possible. There’s still a ring of pedophiles who weren’t caught, a slew of dead children, and honestly, the night sky seems darker than ever.

It was a nice attempt at an end, but we don’t feel wrapped up. Maybe the show should’ve lasted another hour, or maybe that would’ve prolonged the inevitably disappointing ending. Guess we’ll never know.