‘True Detective’ Recap: The Man with the Scars

True Detective, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaugheyHBO

True Detective doesn’t skip a beat. Marty and Rust begin the show in the bar where they left off. Turns out Rust was in Alaska until 2010, when he returned to Louisiana to pay his ‘debt.’ He asks for Marty for help, to which Marty replies, ‘If you were drowning, I’d throw you a barbell.’ In the end, Marty goes to Rust’s storage space. What he finds out shocks not only him, but us as well.

We knew Rust had information that would prove the Tuttle’s to be guilty, we weren’t shocked over the photos, the info, not even the video he played for Marty. What shocked us what Marty’s outright indignation over the contents of the video. He truly is a moral man. Sure, we’re seen him cheat on his wife, drink himself under the table, and lie to the police, we also see his outright disgust over child abuse. It was a little surprising.

As the writers of True Detective gear us up for the final episode we see the pieces begin to fall together. Marty is finally willing to assist Rust in his investigation, he has all the proof he needs to be in this with his whole heart. Marty visits his wife to say his informal goodbye and she visits Rust to ask that he doesn’t let Marty get hurt. His response is no, he will no longer lie to her about her ex-husband.

After meeting with another Ledoux and the Tuttle’s housekeeper, they see one common thread in this story. The consistent is a large man with scars all over his face, once described as a ‘spaghetti monster.’ They know he is the man they’re looking for.

Another blast from the past, Steve, a previous detective in their unit. He’s currently the Sheriff in Iberia so they know he won’t be getting into any trouble any time soon- like ever. The plan, torture Steve into telling what he knows. Or so we think. Our fingers are crossed that the next episode starts where this one ends. Was that a man with scars on his face our modern day detectives asked for directions? What is Steve going to admit in the back of the boat with Rust’s gun pointed at his head? Are they going to tie up the Yellow King, will there be justice for the mass disappearances of women and children? Fingers crossed that True Detective ends with answers, not more questions.