Try Not To Cry At This Amazing Fan Surprise From ‘This Is Us’


‘This Is Us’ was a huge hit for NBC. Season 1 had fans turning in every week, tissues in hand, to see what would happen. Issues like weight, anxiety, finding a father, and love were discussed, sometimes for the first time on television. Very quickly it even became the Number 1 new Fall show, and would, of course, be picked up for another season.

Fans connected with the show in ways people couldn’t even imagine. Life events for audiences were going on while they were happening for the characters. In the above interview, fans were given the chance to talk about their life and how the experiences of the characters fit into their own personal lives. It’s rare that people have the opportunity to tell a cast and crew how their show affected them and thank them, and it’s even rarer that the cast can hear these stories and thank their audiences.

In the above video fans while talking about their experiences, were surprised by the cast members Milo VentimigliaMandy MooreSterling K. Brown, and Chrissy Metz, who stood backstage to hear these stories, and then thank them for growing with the show. People go from crying to smiling so fast you’d think you were watching an episode of the show.


This Is Us returns this Fall on NBC.