21 TV Shows That Almost Went By Completely Different Names

Creating a successful television show is pretty much like hitting the lottery. Not only do you have to have the right concepts, writing and stars, but the name of the show also plays a major part in how the show is received by audiences. More often than you would think, shows go into production with one title, and are swiftly changed in favor of something else. Check out these 21 TV shows that were supposed to be called something else.

That '70s Show - Teenage Wasteland
That 70s Show, Fox, 012516
Before this classic television show starring now married couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis became That '70s Show, it was named after a classic song from The Who called "Teenage Wasteland". Unfortunately, the network could not get clearance from the band to use the song as the show's title.
Ellen - These Friends of Mine
Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen, ABC, 012516
Before Ellen DeGeneres became the talk show host that everyone adores, she starred on her own sitcom entitled, Ellen. The show's first season was called These Friends of Mine,  however as the comedian began to get more and more popular and with ABC premiering Friends around the same time, the network decided to rename the show Ellen.
Two Guys and a Girl - Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place
Two Guys, One Girl, ABC, 012516
You probably forgot about this '90s sitcom which starred Ryan Reynolds. The sitcom's first two seasons were called Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. However, once the show decided to jump shark and have one of its characters head off to medical school, while another pursued other careers, the pizza premise along with the later half of the title was dropped altogether. Unfortunately,  Two Guys and a Girl didn't survive after season three. It's a good thing too, because the new title sounds very "adult".
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The Big Bang Theory - Lenny, Penny, and Kenny
The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 012516
One of the best shows of our generation nearly had a truly heinous title; Lenny, Penny, and Kenny. Luckily The Big Bang Theory came about once executives decided to rename Jim Parsons' character Sheldon instead of Kenny. We thank the universe for small favors.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Slayer
Sarah Michelle Gella, James Masters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The WB, 012516
The WB
Turning his 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer into a television series required a great deal of work from creator Joss Whedon. Originally, Whedon wanted to shorten the name entirely to Slayer, but was convinced to keep the longer title in the end.
New Girl - Chicks and Dicks
Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, New Girl, Fox, 012616
Can you imagine watching sweet Jess Day on a show called Chicks and Dicks? Well apparently Fox couldn't imagine it either. Though the show was picked up to network with the rather risque title, it was quickly changed for the bit more family friendly New Girl.
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Everybody Loves Raymond - That Raymond Guy
Ray Romono, Peter Boyle, Brad Garrett, Everybody Loves Raymond, CBS, 012516
Though the original title for this hilarious sitcom was Everybody Loves Raymond, the show's star Ray Romano thought it was a horrendous idea. He simply didn't want to have to deal with being the guy that everyone was supposed to love for the rest of his life. After the show got picked up, Romano pitched several titles to the network including That Raymond Guy and What's With Raymond?. Unfortunately, CBS was less than impressed, so the original title stuck.
Friends - Six of One
Friends, NBC, 012616
Friends actually went through a ton of changes before it actually went to air. After scrapping the ridiculously confusing title Six Of One, the show's creators changed the name to Friends Like Us, which was eventually shortened to Friends. We wonder if the show would have been the mega success that it was with a totally different name.
Married With Children - Not The Cosby Show
Married With Children, Fox, 012516
There was a time when The Cosby Show was the biggest show in the world. Since Married with Children was so anti-traditional in terms of family sitcoms, the show's creators originally named it Not The Cosby Show. Luckily the title was quickly changed. We doubt the iconic show would want anything to do with the Cosby name right now.
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Hannah Montana - Alexis Texas
Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, Disney Channel, 012516
Disney Channel
Miley Cyrus' breakout role was almost Alexis Texas. However, a porn star scooped up the name in 2006; just as the show now known as Hannah Montana was set to air. Obviously, Disney had to bid adieu to both Alexis and the entire state of Texas.
iCarly - iSam
Miranda Cosgrove, Jenette McCurdy, ICarly, Nickelodeon, 012516
Originally, Miranda Cosgrove's character was named Sam, so the show was named iSam. However, after discovering the website iSam was already taken, Nickelodeon had to switch things up. The renamed the main character Carly, and the name Sam was given to her BFF. We think it worked out pretty well in the end.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Jerks
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FXX, 012516
While It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a show about jerks, the series is a bit more well-rounded then that. Instead, Jerks got scrapped for the longer title because the show is loosely based on creator and co-star Rob McElhenney's experiences and family in his hometown of Philadelphia.
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Lizzie McGuire - What's Lizzie Thinking?
Hilary Duff, Lizzie McGuire, Disney Channel, 012516
Disney Channel
Hilary Duff's career took off when she starred on Lizzie McGuire,  as preteen Lizzie who was desperately trying to get through puberty without completely losing it. Once of the best parts about the show was her cartoon alter ego that really showed the audience exactly what Lizzie was thinking. This is probably why the original title of the show was the very straight forward What’s Lizzie Thinking? 
8 Simple Rules - 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter
8 Simple Rules, ABC, 012516
Originally titled 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, the show dropped the later half of its title after the show's star John Ritter, died tragically after filming the third episode of the show's second season. For the third season, the show was adapted and renamed 8 Simple Rules, only to be canceled due to low ratings.
Roseanne - Life and Stuff
Rosanne Barr, John Goodman, Roseanne,  ABC, 012516
The classic television show Roseanne really is about life and stuff, which is where to got it's original name. However, the creators decided to capitalize on Roseanne Barr's rising sucess so they named the show after her. "Life and Stuff" became the name of Roseanne's pilot episode.
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The Good Wife - Leave The Bastard
Julianna Margulies Chris Noth, The Good Wife, CBS, 012516
As The Good Wife went into production, the show's creators got a call from the network pushing them to change the title. They pitched both The Whole Truth (which ironically became the title of an ABC show shortly thereafter) and Leave the Bastard which Producer Danny Zucker was completely obsessed with. CBS considered the very on-the-nose title for a hot second, but ultimately decided to stick with The Good Wife.
Lost - Nowhere
Lost, ABC, 012516
When ABC's Lost was initially conceived, it had the working title, Nowhere. However, once handed over to executive producers J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, the show was renamed Lost. We personally think Nowhere would have been the better title considering the fact that that's just where the show ended up by the time the series finale aired.
Saved By The Bell - Good Morning, Miss Bliss
Saved By The Bell, NBC, 012516
Way back in 1987, NBC aired the pilot episode of a show called Good Morning, Miss Bliss starring actress Hayley Mills as Miss Bliss and future Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green as one of her students. After NBC didn't pick the series up, it headed over to the Disney Channel where it aired for 13 episodes. Disney then scraped the series so it headed back to NBC where it aired on Saturday mornings under the name Saved By the Bell. NBC also chose to reset the show from Indiana to California. Good Morning, Miss Bliss is now known as Saved By the Bell: The Junior High Years.
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Seinfeld - The Seinfeld Chronicles
Seinfeld, NBC, 012516
When Seinfeld first aired way back in 1989, it was under the name The Seinfeld Chronicles. The name was swiftly changed after NBC became concerned that the show would be mistaken for another series The Marshall Chronicles which was airing over at ABC. It seems like NBC might have made a boss move with that decision. We don't know anyone who remembers The Marshall Chronicles, but everyone knows Seinfeld.
Saturday Night Live - NBC's Saturday Night
Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live, NBC, 012516
You might not have realized it, but SNL was almost never a thing. When Saturday Night Live premiered in 1975 it was called, NBC's Saturday Night. In 1976 it was renamed Saturday Night and finally in 1977 it added "Live" to its title. Despite all of the hoopla with renaming, we're happy NBC finally got the infamous sketch comedy's name just right.
 Up All Night - Alpha Mom
Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, Up All Night NBC, 012516
Series creator Emily Spivey originally wrote the show based of her life experiences as a new mom and writer at SNL. However, with the major success of Bridesmaids, Maya Rudolph's role on the series expanded, so that it was just not focused on Christina Applegate's character. NBC decided to rename the series Up All Night.