TV Tidbits: Zack Morris Gets a Happy Ending, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Vet Meets ‘The Good Wife’


ALTPilots and guest stars and bears, oh my! Well, not really with the bears, but I head out to Chicago for four days and Dr. George O’Malley and Jane Fonda are back on TV? I’m never going on vacation again! Check out all the scoopage below:

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Gets Happy: Oh, now THIS is a match made in TV heaven. Mr. Zack Morris himself, known in the “real world” as Mark-Paul Gosselaar, will head to Happy Endings for the third season’s tenth episode, where he’ll be playing Max’s mysterious new roommate, Chase. We’re thinking this bodes well for Alex and Dave round 2, no? [EW]

The Good Wife Lands a Grey’s Vet: Dr. George O’Malley will rise from the dead! Well, not really, but actor T.R. Knight of Grey’s Anatomy fame will guest-star on The Good Wife this season, playing a political operative. No word yet on Izzie. [EW]

William Hurt Signs on to a Real Challenge: Hollywood legend William Hurt has officially signed on to play physicist Richard Feynman, one of the most famous scientists of the 20th century, for an upcoming BBC/Science Channel drama about the commission that investigated the Challenger disaster. Feynman figured out that the disaster was caused by the shuttle’s primary O-ring not sealing properly. We have no clue what that means, but are sure the movie will be great. [Vulture]

Jake Johnson Joins The B Team:

Thought you were done with single-camera comedy pilot news? Think again! But we’re happy about this one, since it involves The New Girl‘s Nick, AKA Jake Johnson. Johnson and Max Winkler will write and produce The B Team for Fox, a show about five underdogs who form a real-world version of The Avengers, with absolutely no superpowers whatsoever. Fox may be sold on the pilot, but we think we’re already sold on the show. Schmidt cameo, please? [Deadline]

Jennifer Garner to Produce NBC Comedy: Thought you were done with celebrities producing pilots news? Think again! But this could be cool, since it involves Jennifer Garner taking on a project from funny lady writer Ellen Rapoport. Garner’s Vandalia Films will produce Rapoport’s so-far untitled semi-autobiographical comedy, which focuses on a nerdy twentysomething named Allie. Allie will befriend a couple of promiscuous party girls, and everyone will do funny things and, along the way, learn some valuable lessons. Yep, sounds like our 20’s! [Deadline]

Hangover Writers Will Now Cause TV Hangovers: Sold! The Hangover scribes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have a put pilot commitment with ABC for Mixology, a comedy that will mark the duo’s first foray into television. Of course, since it’s the Hangover guys, the show will focus on five guys and five girls trying to find love in a hopeless place… a trendy Manhattan bar. Sounds like a headache. Lucas and Moore will also executive produce. [Deadline]

Watch Your Back, Nolan: Looks like Revenge-a-holic Emily Thorne will have some more permanent help this season: Barry Sloane, who plays Emily’s mysterious old Revenge-mate Aiden Mathis, has been promoted to series regular. He’ll receive perma-billing in the back nine, and he has an option to continue as a regular next year if the show gets a Season 3. Yeah. If. [Deadline]

Jane Fonda Left The Newsroom… So, Now What?: She’s baaack! Jane Fonda, who recently impressed with her guest turn on HBO’s The Newsroom, has landed a starring role in an ABC comedy currently titled, Now What? The single-camera comedy will focus on a mother-daughter duo who move in together after the daughter writes a blog post entitled, “Dear Mom, Here’s Why I Hate You…” Yikes! [Variety]

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